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CARE Fertility Pioneering Firsts

1978 - World's first IVF baby

1981 - First male factor patient treated

1982 - World's first baby delivered after intrauterine sperm/egg transfer

1984 - World's first baby from blastocyst transfer

1990 - World's first baby born after micro-injection

1992 - Britain's first SUZI treatment baby

1992 - Britain's first "sugar drop" frozen embryo baby

1996 - World's first testicular spermatid baby

2007 - Europe's first baby born following embryo screening using Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH)

2009 - Birth of World's First baby following array CGH screening

2010 - UK's first baby born through PGD for HLA tissue matching

2010 - Blastocyst Chromosome Screening - UK's first baby born

2010 - First multi-factorial genetic chromosome tissue typing and translocation analysis of embryos in an IVF cycle

2010 - First UK based total treatment cycle for PGD and HLA Tissue Matching - Fanconi Anaemia

2011 - First UK pregnancy following use of an Embryoscope

All CARE Fertility Pioneering Firsts