Embryo Chomosome Analysis: Join the World's first trial at CARE Fertility

CARE Fertility are inviting IVF patients to join the World's First trial for embryo chromosome analysis

This is a technology which CARE Fertility developed with our scientific colleagues to bring greater opportunity to patients. It's about being able to analyse every single chromosome in a cell that is taken from the embryo, and only transferring the embryos which are chromosomally normal to maximise the chance of a live birth. Research suggests that pregnancy rates can be increased by over 60%.

Exciting Opportunity

Patients participating in the trial will receive Array CGH screening, ICSI and extended culture FREE of charge.

embryo chromosome analysis potential 66% percent uplift
Normal costsTrial costs
Chromosome Screening (includes Biopsy)£2510Chromosome ScreeningFREE
Extended Culture£375Extended CultureFREE
embryo chromosome analysis free screening

The Study

The purpose of the study is to test whether transferring chromosomally normal embryos significantly increases pregnancy and live birth rates in younger women undergoing IVF for the first time. It is well established that chromosomal errors are the largest single cause of early pregnancy failure, AND up to 70% of embryos can be affected following conception.

The trial is being carried out in association with BlueGnome (Cambridge) and Genesis Genetics (Europe). A cell (embryo biopsy) will be removed on Day 3 (third day after egg recovery) and chromosomally normal embryos will be transferred on Day 5.

We would like to recruit 200 patients, who will be randomly assigned in to two groups, one of which will be the control group. Patients accepted on to the trial will undergo an IVF cycle at CARE Nottingham. Fertilised eggs will be cultured for three days and then biopsied to remove a single cell. Scientists will then perform a detailed chromosome analysis to check for abnormality before transferring embryos to the womb.

This is a strictly regulated clinical trial and certain criteria must be met - these are detailed in the Q&As section.

Dr Simon Fishel Chromosome

"My personal goal for our patients is to maximise the chances of a healthy birth in the first attempt at IVF. We hope to demonstrate a significant uplift in pregnancy rates, to benefit all patients." - Professor Simon Fishel, CARE Fertility.

*Those patients in the control group and who do not become pregnant will receive screening free of charge in their next IVF cycle