How CARE Fertility can help you if you've had failed IVF treatments

CARE Fertility not only has a world-leading reputation in pioneering technologies for the treatment of infertility and the use of genetic screening, our whole ethos is to find the most appropriate treatment that will give all patients the very best chance of a pregnancy.

This means that for many who have had a repeated failure elsewhere and who seek out CARE's help, we first need to ask different questions, and maybe introduce more in depth testing in trying to find the cause of the problem.

Whether this problem is related to:

  • Uterine sensitivity for implantation
  • The various circulating hormones, proteins or even cells that can inhibit either the implantation or growth of a transferred embryo.
  • Eggs with incorrect chromosome complement
  • The genetics or chromosomes of embryos

We, at CARE, will do all we can to find a solution, and turn the solution into a successful pregnancy.

Due to our novel range of treatment options we are able to explore a variety of approaches and tailor individualised high-technology modalities, if appropriate, for almost all circumstances. CARE's unprecedented level of experience in this field of medicine will be used for every couple who need the skills of our dedicated practitioners. You can be assured that we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goal.

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening

The reason why up to 75% of embryos fail to implant may be due to abnormalities in the embryo. CARE was involved in pioneering research to screen for abnormalities in all 23 pairs of chromosomes in the cell (instead of only 6 – 8 as being done in other clinics).

Read about Pre-implantation Genetic Screening at CARE Fertility

Reproductive Immunology

Work on the investigation and treatment of embryo implantation problems and early pregnancy loss has been developed at CARE during the last decade in collaboration with the Immunology laboratory at the Chicago Medical School. Research has suggested that during a normal pregnancy, a unique type of immunity occurs that stops the body rejecting an embryo and aids the growth and development of the foetus. If this immunity does not exist, embryos may not implant.

Our Reproductive Immunology Programme now helps couples worldwide with recurrent IVF/ICSI failures and recurrent miscarriage. The CARE Reproductive Immunology Programme is available through all main CARE clinics.

Details about Reproductive Immunology at CARE Fertility