The Rachel Foundation

The Rachel Foundation is a research-based charity that focuses on developing therapies for those who are rendered infertile as a side effect of medical treatment, as well as trying to improve treatment for infertile couples. The Rachel Foundation is committed to upholding the wishes of its donors.

The research undertaken by the foundation aims to create an understanding of more efficient and effective measures of fertility preservation and infertility management. The Rachel Foundation, established by CARE, is named after biblical Rachel, wife of Jacob, whose infertility gave the first recorded cry for help (Genesis chapter 30, verse 1).

Jane and family

Is your family complete?

"I'm a very fortunate mum of three, blogging about my battle with secondary infertility. I want to offer hope, help and support to those who might be going through similar turmoil or to those who maybe have had their happy ending. I also decided to raise money to support those people too. In September 2015, I organised a family fun day in order to kick start my fundraising effort for a cause very close to my heart. We raised over £1,600 and 200 people came along to support us.

I am campaigning with the support of my local MP and Infertility Network UK (INUK) to raise awareness of the need for more information to be made available on infertility. I also have a website and have set up a support group on Facebook for those suffering from secondary infertility. If you wish to get in touch, please do."

Jane Newman -

Why Donate?

The research that led to the world's first ever IVF baby was donation funded, as have most other major breakthroughs been since then. The Rachel Foundation is an opportunity for more research and consequently more breakthroughs to be achieved, striving towards a fertile future.

Current financial support for research is extremely limited as fertility is poorly regarded as a medical discipline. Therefore the compelling and desperate need for increased research is inadequately funded by both governmental and academic bodies.

Donating to the Rachel Foundation will provide independent funds to help increase the chances of new discoveries and groundbreaking successes through the research that takes place, ultimately to preserve fertility and overcome infertility.

Making a difference

Donations to the Rachel foundation have already gone towards funding for two research projects that have taken place at Liverpool John Moore's University, both aiming to maximise the chances of successful fertilization.

"We made the donation to the Rachel Foundation because without the research foundation funds, we may never have had our precious son. After 13 unsuccessful attempts of IVF, we approached CARE in Nottingham. After just one cycle of IVF using the first ever CGH array procedure we achieved a pregnancy which resulted in our son being born, he is now 14 months old. We will be forever grateful to all the staff at CARE and hope the Rachel Foundation continues to fund more research into helping couples have children."

Donator to the Rachel Foundation, August 2010.

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How to donate

If you would like to donate to The Rachel Foundation, please use our Virgin Moneygiving website link on the right.

If you have any enquiries about the Rachel Foundation please call Wanda Georgiades on 0115 8528163.