Time Lapse Embryo Imaging at CARE Fertility

Alison Campbell, Embryology Manager
"With Embryoscope, we are seeing and learning remarkable aspects of fertilization and embryo development; our continued clinical work is helping us to understand the degree to which this novel technology makes a significant difference to our patient's chances of pregnancy".

Day 1 - Day 3

Shows normal fertilisation of an oocyte, post insemination, featuring the formation and dissolution of the two pro-nuclei (DNA from sperm and egg) on day 1, followed by cell divisions into a 2-4 cell embryo on Day 2, progressing to a 6-8 cell embryo by day 3.

Day 3 - Day 6

Shows further division from day 3 which is followed by the fusion of the cells, known as compaction. On day 5 to 6 the embryo forms a cavity becoming a blastocyst which, through a series of contractions and expansions, herniates through the outer shell allowing the blastocyst to hatch out ready to implant into the womb.