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Egg Recipient Patient Story

A heartfelt story from an egg recipient on her feelings about the importance of egg donation

CARE Fertility - egg recipient on her feelings about the importance of egg donation

I am writing this surrounded by piles of clothes, passports and empty suitcases because tomorrow we fly to South Africa. It is a journey we have made numerous times as a couple travelling for relaxation, sunshine and to see our friends.

In 2009 I sat on the verandah thinking about the pain of the previous two years - my miscarriage and two failed cycles of IVF - and wondering whether we would ever achieve our dream of having a family. Four years later and we will be seeing South Africa in a new way - through the eyes of our inquisitive, adventurous toddler. The new memories we will bring home are thanks to the amazing and selfless gift of a woman I have never met, a lady who had the empathy and compassion to help me, a stranger, by donating her eggs.

That single cell has truly changed our lives and created more than just a family of three because our daughter is also a granddaughter, niece, cousin and godchild. So this year I will sit on the verandah and raise a glass of wine in silent thanks to our donor as I watch our child play in the sunshine, because no words can ever truly express my gratitude.