Egg Freezing Vodcast

Simon Fishel egg freezing
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In the last four years there have been several studies and clinical trials with the technique of vitrifying human eggs and all studies have found the survival and fertilisation rates higher than the previous, conventional slow cooling method.

Combining the data, 2335 mature eggs were vitrified and 2195 (94%) survived and fertilised at a rate between 71%-85%. Hundreds of pregnancies and many healthy babies have now been delivered prompting the authors of three studies to state;

"that the efficiency of vitrified/warmed oocytes can be comparable to fresh oocytes with regard to clinical outcomes". Chang CC, et al(2008)

"The pregnancy potential of cryopreserved oocytes is comparable to that of fresh oocytes or frozen embryos". Chen SU, et al(2009)

"Pregnancy rate per transfer and implantation rates were 63.2% and 38.5% respectively indistinguishable from fresh embryos." Cobo et al, (2008)