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Reproductive Immunology

After a period of nine years of trying to conceive and undergoing IVF treatments resulting in miscarriage, less pennies in the bank and much heartache, my husband and I stumbled upon CARE in Nottingham.

We had been categorised from six previous treatments elsewhere that there were ‘inexplicable reasons’ for us trying to conceive and enduring miscarriages. The attitude given was try and try again – it was just bad luck.

My husband and I wanted the explanations for our tremendous losses and could not endure any more disappointment without first knowing the definition as to why we were not getting the ultimate result. We had to exhaust all the options to find the answers to our mystery.

At CARE we had a consultation with George Ndukwe who specialises in recurrent miscarriages. We were introduced to Reproductive Immunology. After rigorous blood testing relating to Immunology, we were eventually diagnosed with the full 5 out of 5 categories. From the blood testing, these issues were addressed and evaluated with the correct protocol, before undergoing any IVF treatment, unlike what I had previously experienced.

Reproductive immunology baby

Our treatment at CARE Nottingham was second to none. We were not treated as another statistic. We received the knowledge and caring attention from all members of the RI team and cannot praise them enough for helping us to have the ultimate end result, our beautiful daughter.