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Mr Mark Sedler MRCOG – Consultant Gynaecologist

Mark Sedler MRCOG Consultant Gynaecologist Mark is the lead Clinician on our PGS programme in Manchester. Mark has extensive experience in IVF. As a clinical research fellow, Mark underwent his specialist interest training in subfertility, reproductive medicine and IVF. Mark has specialist interests in Genetic Screening, ovarian stimulation, ultrasonography and laparoscopic surgery.

Since working at CARE Manchester, Dr Sedler has developed an interest in both Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening techniques. Working alongside a team involving highly experienced scientists, embryologists, fertility nursing staff and CARE's ever dedicated administration department, Dr Sedler says:

"We have a unique opportunity to take the next step forward in the evolution of fertility treatment with our new IVF screening programme of Array CGH. This will hopefully improve the ongoing clinical pregnancy rates per treatment cycle and just as importantly, decrease the pregnancy loss rates which of course is a devastating event for any couple"

Natalie Bowman – Embryologist

Natalie Bowman  Embryologist - CARE ManchesterNatalie is a key member of the CARE Manchester Embryology team. Her fascination with genetics and her distinction at Masters level in Reproductive and Developmental Biology, has led her to pursue this interest in her embryology career. Natalie was the obvious choice to co-ordinate the embryology side of the Manchester PGS service. She will be working closely with the clinicians, nurses and external testing laboratory to provide the genetic screening package for Manchester patients.

Deborah Moult – PGS Nurse Co-ordinator

Deborah Moult PGS Nurse Co-ordinator Deborah is the Nurse Co-ordinator for our PGS service at CARE Manchester and is on hand to answer any questions which patients may have during treatment. Deborah completed her nurse training in Manchester and has ten years nursing experience, including IVF training through Greenwich University.

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2010 - UK's first baby born through PGD for HLA tissue matching

2010 - Blastocyst Chromosome Screening - UK's first baby born

2010 - First multi-factorial genetic chromosome tissue typing and translocation analysis of embryos in an IVF cycle

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