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Here are the locations of the CARE Fertility clinics in the UK and the Beacon CARE Fertility clinic in Dublin. Bolton, Boston, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Milton Keynes and Peterborough are satellite clinics. Patients can have consultations, daily monitoring and injection training at a satellite clinic and are required to attend the main clinic only for the more complex parts of the treatment cycle.

Through each of our locations, patients have access to the most comprehensive and cutting edge fertility treatments, genetic screening and fertility preservation procedures available in the world today.

In addition to our reputation for driving forward the quality and success of fertility healthcare treatments, the CARE team has always had a strong reputation for a personal and caring approach to our patients.

Whichever CARE clinic you choose to visit, you can be assured that our dedicated group of professional staff will always put your needs at the forefront of everything we do.

Everyone at CARE will do everything we can to make your IVF journey a positive one.

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CARE Egg Freezing Vodcast

CARE egg freezing vodcast including an interview with Simon Fishel.


Becoming a patient at CARE Sheffield

To find out how to arrange an appointment at CARE Sheffield, please visit our referral information page

CARE Fertility referral information

World First at CARE - Fertility test which could double the success of IVF - Array CGH


A new method of screening chromosomes in eggs, Array CGH, which can double your chance of pregnancy, is available at CARE Fertility Manchester and CARE Fertility Nottingham

Array CGH details

IVF success rates high at all CARE Fertility clinics


We'll always do everything we can to help you achieve your goal. At CARE our investigations are individual to each patient, ensuring that IVF treatment plans are always tailored to give everyone the very best chance of having a baby

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Donor Sperm availability

Thanks to our group of wonderful sperm donors, and the efforts of our dedicated embryology team, CARE Fertility currently have a strong donor sperm bank with sufficient supplies available to meet the treatment needs of our patients. Please contact your local CARE Fertility clinic

Treatment using donor sperm

NHS Funded Patients

Patients can choose to have their funded cycles at CARE. CARE hold a number of NHS contracts with local Special Commissioning Groups(SCGs). Patients wishing to find out if they are eligible for NHS funded treatment, should in the first instance, see their GP who can refer them on to their local NHS facility to undergo fertility investigation - if IVF treatment is required, the hospital will refer them on to CARE for the appropriate treatment

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CARE Fertility Pioneering Firsts

1978 - World's first IVF baby

1981 - First male factor patient treated

1982 - World's first baby delivered after intrauterine sperm/egg transfer

1984 - World's first baby from blastocyst transfer

1990 - World's first baby born after micro-injection

1992 - Britain's first SUZI treatment baby

1992 - Britain's first "sugar drop" frozen embryo baby

1996 - World's first testicular spermatid baby

2007 - Europe's first baby born following embryo screening using Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH)

2009 - Birth of World's First baby following array CGH screening

2010 - UK's first baby born through PGD for HLA tissue matching

2010 - Blastocyst Chromosome Screening - UK's first baby born

2010 - First multi-factorial genetic chromosome tissue typing and translocation analysis of embryos in an IVF cycle

2010 - First UK based total treatment cycle for PGD and HLA Tissue Matching - Fanconi Anaemia

2011 - First UK pregnancy following use of an Embryoscope

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