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Mr Efstathios Theodorou MRCOGMedical Director, Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Efstathios Theodorou, Fertility Specialist, CARE Fertility London

Mr Theodorou is our Medical Director and his wide ranging experience and expertise in fertility is essential in leading the team that delivers high quality fertility treatment at CARE London.

Efstathios Theodorou completed his specialist training in the UK, becoming an accredited Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He was awarded the Membership of the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) and entered the Specialist Register for Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He underwent his training in Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Conception in London and gained further skills working as a Consultant/Fertility specialist in several London centres. Upon completion, he was nominated by the British Fertility Society as a Trainer for pelvic ultrasound and embryo transfers.

Mr Theodorou has extensive experience in all aspects of Reproductive Medicine (female reproductive endocrinology, subfertility and assisted conception), he has personally managed hundreds of IVF cycles including cycles with mild stimulation and natural cycle IVF. He has a specialist interest in recurrent implantation failure (immunology, genetics, Preimplantation Genetic screening), endometrial receptivity, low ovarian reserve, ovulation protocols for poor responders, fertility ultrasound and uterine assessment.

Dr Mara Kotrotsou Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Mara Kotrotsou, Consultant Gynaecologist, CARE Fertility London

Dr Mara Kotrotsou is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist. She received most of her postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology through the Eastern Deanery (Cambridgeshire), has worked in large units such as Guy's and St Thomas' in London and Addenbrookes University Hospital in Cambridge and completed her postgraduate specialisation in the UK and abroad. She has received specialty training in areas such as family planning, colposcopy and ultrasound.

She developed an early interest in Reproductive medicine and endocrinology and has completed a two year fellowship in fertility at the Imperial College London (IVF Hammersmith), which is one of the largest fertility units in the UK. She then worked as a Consultant Gynaecologist Fertility Specialist at the Bourn Hall Fertility Unit and as the clinical lead at Create Fertility who specialise in mild and natural IVF. She joined the team at Care London in February 2016.

She has advanced skills in gynaecological and fertility ultrasound, including 3D ultrasound and early pregnancy ultrasound and is experienced in saline cavity tests and tubal patency tests (saline sonography and HyCoSy). She is proficient in all aspects of assisted conception and stimulation regimes, including conventional IVF, mild stimulation and natural IVF protocols and experienced in technically difficult oocyte retrievals and embryo transfers.

She is an active member of international societies such as the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and the British Fertility Society. Dr Kotrotsou has publications in the field and is interested in quality management.

She is a British Fertility Society accredited trainer in ultrasound, embryo transfer and assisted conception.

She has a special interest in recurrent treatment failure and management of cases of low ovarian reserve. She is passionate about patient tailored treatment and high quality of care.

She is a mother of three and lives in Cambridgeshire.

Dr Saniya Hadi BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCOGFertility Specialist

Dr Saniya Hadi, Associate Specialist in Fertility, CARE Fertility London

Saniya Hadi qualified from Guy's & St Thomas' hospital in 1996. Following a period in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London punctuated by a post in Genito-urinary medicine and HIV she pursued a career in fertility. She has worked at IVF Hammersmith for 4 years. She joined CARE Fertility London in 2008 where she is a fertility specialist and is a co-ordinator of the egg donation programme with the nursing team.

Rebecca VentrisLaboratory Manager

Rebecca Ventris, Nurse Manager, CARE Fertility London

Rebecca Ventris is a state registered Clinical Embryologist with the Health and Care Professions Council and a Diplomat of the Royal College of Pathologists. She has extensive experience in the field of reproduction having started her embryology career in 1996. She has worked in both private and public sector clinics and has travelled for consultancy work abroad. Since joining CARE Fertility London as Laboratory Manager in November 2001, Rebecca has dedicated her career to ensuring consistently high success rates and achieving an excellent quality of service for patients. Rebecca is licensed to perform all embryology procedures including ICSI and embryo biopsy.

Rob SmithActing Laboratory Manager

Rob Smith, Acting Lab Manager, CARE Fertility London

Rob is the Acting Laboratory Manager and responsible for the Embryology team at CARE London. He started training in embryology in 2003 at CARE Nottingham, where he developed a keen interest in Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS).

Rob is a member of the Health Professions Council and registered as a clinical scientist. He has presented at a number of professional conferences on PGS and other laboratory techniques.

Francesca SteynNurse Manager

Francesca Steyn Nurse Manager, CARE Fertility London

Francesca qualified from London Southbank University in 2005 and decided to specialise in fertility in 2007. She has been the lead nurse for male infertility programmes, egg donation programmes and also managed and led surrogacy programmes. Francesca is very experienced in IUI and has achieved very good clinical pregnancy rates. Having spent a year in South Africa in 2013 she decided to come back to the UK and join the team at CARE Fertility London in December 2014.

Francesca holds Advanced Life Support certification and is fully certified to provide conscious sedation for fertility patients. Francesca has presented at conferences and seminars for patients and is a member of the Senior Infertility Nurses Group.

Karen Sage BSc PGCE MSc GC Genetic Service Programme Manager

Karen Sage Genetic Service Programme Manager, CARE Fertility London

Karen Sage is the UK's first Genetic Counsellor specialising in fertility and has recently joined CARE to lead the Genetic Service. Working closely with the clinical and scientific teams at CARE, Karen will continue Care's innovative work in genetics developing a Centre of Clinical Excellence working with world-class pioneers in this field. Karen graduated in Biology and Genetics and later gained a Master's degree in Genetic Counselling (Cardiff University, Wales. She specialized in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and screening (PGS), and is experienced in in general and cancer genetics. With a background in industry and education, Karen worked at the National Genetics Education and Development Centre (NGEDC) in Birmingham, UK, developing education materials for healthcare practitioners working across the specialized areas of the NHS as genetics/genomics are increasingly introduced into routine clinical practice.

Accounts Team

Sandra Siney; Linda Blackwood.

Administration Team

Carla Danieli; Kloe Wilkinson; Isabelle Tranquille; Sandy Kwok; Colette Owen; Sylwia Funek; Michelle Wild; Holly Hickman.

Embryology Team

Anita Chau; Reena Gupta; Carmen Miralles; Ben Raybould; Rob Smith; Alexandra Page; Anita McGonagle; Stacy Wheat; Daniela Smale.

Nursing Team

Katy Mulligan; Isabel Santos Texiera; Hayley Taylor; Rachel Mackinnon; Kimberley Fowler; Ruta Kazakeviciute; Maria Cefali; Vera Ferreira; Juliet Barnard.

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Preimplantation genetic screening

Embryologists in routine IVF practice cannot differentiate between chromosomally viable and aneuploid eggs/embryos, and hence aneuploid embryos will unwittingly and inevitably be transferred to the womb, thereby compromising IVF outcome. Conversely, it follows that by using screening techniques to identify the aneuploid status of the egg, embryologists have up to 85% chance of eliminating the chromosomally abnormal embryos before transfer

Preimplantation genetic screening

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We provide an IVF treatment cycle free of charge if you are under 35, willing to share your eggs and fulfil certain criteria. You can make an enquiry by sending an email on this page or by calling us on 02076166767

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CAREmaps with Time lapse embryo imaging - the latest high-tech culture environment for embryos in an IVF cycle

Using time lapse embryo imaging together with morphokinetic algorithms (selection models) developed by CARE scientists, we are able to predict which embryos have the highest potential for a successful pregnancy. We are seeing an encouraging increase in results from the application of CAREmaps in a treatment cycle.

Time Lapse Embryo Imaging
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