Our Fertility Clinic in Sheffield: CARE Fertility Sheffield

CARE in Sheffield is one of the oldest and most successful IVF clinics in the UK and has been responsible for thousands of pregnancies and births since opening in 1988. Sheffield achieves excellent results that are well above the national average.

CARE Sheffield - Best IVF Results in Yorkshire

Pregnancies per treatment cycle started year ending 4th quarter 2013
Clinic <35 <35 - 37 38 - 39 40 - 42
CARE Sheffield 48.1 39.1 29.8 26.9
Jessops Fertility 23.3 23.9 23.5 9.3
Leeds Centre of Reproductive Medicine 38.3 40.4 28.8 20.5

Helping you succeed - Our IVF refund and pre-pay programmes

You need fertility treatment to be as accessible as possible. That's why we have introduced two payment programmes - an IVF refund programme and an IVF multi-cycle programme.

Click to read in detail about our IVF refund and pre-pay programmes

stay in the UK for CARE donor egg treatment

Treatments Using Donated Eggs

  • Live Birth Rates are 51% (1/5/11 - 30/4/12)
  • No waiting
  • Wide choice of UK donors immediately available
  • AND you can stay in the UK for treatment

For details of national HFEA results click here.

The CARE Sheffield team are recognised for their compassion and commitment to always putting individual patient needs at the forefront of everything we do. All of us at CARE Sheffield look forward to welcoming you and to making your IVF journey as smooth as possible.

CARE Fertility Egg Donation Campaign

CARE Fertility Sheffield - Contact us at 26 Glen Road

Fantastic Pregnancy Results 2013/14

Our latest IVF clinical pregnancy result per embryo transfer using your own eggs for all ages (22 - 44) is 52% for the year ending March 2014. With extended culture to day 4 or 5 this can increase to 64% for all ages (24 - 41)

Becoming a patient at CARE Sheffield - how to self refer

To find out how to arrange an appointment at CARE Sheffield, please visit our referral information page

CARE Fertility referral information

Fantastic Results and NO WAITING LIST for donor eggs

We are currently achieving Clinical results per embryo transfer of 58.1% for patients having treatment with donor eggs. 70% of recipients get to blastocyst transfer and 70% of all recipients have at least 1 embryo frozen. This rate is for the period 1st April 2013 - 31st March 2014. We have NO WAITING LIST for donor eggs, however there is a short preparation period of approximately 3 months during which counselling and monitoring takes place. Call our Donation Team now on 0114 258 9716

CAREmaps withTime Lapse Embryo Imaging

Time lapse analysis of embryos allows our embryologists to observe any development patterns which help select the best embryo for transfer and maximise the chances of a live birth. Please ask for information if you are interested in using this unique incubator

Time Lapse Embryo Imaging in IVF

NHS Patients

We are able to provide NHS funded treatment to patients in the Yorkshire and Humber commissioning area if they meet the Commissioning policy eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria includes assessment of female/male age, female body mass index(BMI) and whether the couple already have a child/children. The number of cycles funded does vary between areas - if you would like further information please ask for details

Fertility Assessment

We can carry out a number of tests designed to give you an assessment of your fertility status.

Fertility Assessment

CARE Fertility Sheffield

24 — 26 Glen Road
Sheffield S7 1RA

Tel: +44 (0)114 258 9716
Fax: +44 (0)114 255 4853

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