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Mr Adel Shaker FRCOGMedical Director

Mr Adel Shaker FRCOG, Consultant Gynaecologist and Medical Director

Adel has a wide experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. He has researched the effects of growth hormones in IVF, the use of ultrasound to monitor endometrial blood flow and studied ways of improving implantation rates following IVF. He is particularly interested in reducing the incidence of ovarian hyper stimulation during treatment.

Mr Mohamed Mohamed MDConsultant Gynaecologist

Mr Mohamed Mohamed MD Specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Mohamed has been working in the field of reproductive medicine since 1999. He has extensive experience in this field, covering all aspects of subfertility, working both at Barts in the Reproductive Medicine Unit and at University Hospital, Rome.

Mohamed has had many articles published in medical journals including different FSH treatments in reproductively older women. He was amongst the first to publish and use ultrasound guided embryo transfer in Rome. He is researching endometriosis for his PhD.

Debbie MansfieldClinic Director

Debbie Mansfield, Clinic Director

Debbie joined CARE in 2002 having worked extensively in both the private and NHS sectors. Since joining CARE she has developed and advanced her experience of infertility management, and helped to maintain standards in keeping with the regulatory framework set out by the HFEA and Care Quality Commission.

Debbie has played a key role in the development of CARE's ‘Quality Management System’ (QMS), as laid out by the HFEA to comply with the EUTD guidelines of 2006. She has chaired meetings, helped develop ‘Third Party Agreements’ necessary to comply with the HFEA ‘Code of Practice’, and taken part in instigating CARE's internal auditor system, which forms a fundamental part of the QMS. She has also taken on the role of Quality Lead in the Sheffield Unit.

Debbie has worked closely with local NHS providers, and maintained the flow of NHS patients and contracts to the Unit.

Rachel Smith BscClinical Embryologist

Rachel Smith Bsc, Clinical Embryologist

Rachel started work as a semenologist in Nottingham in 1994 before becoming a Clinical Embryologist in 1995. She obtained her licence to practice ICSI in 1997 then worked at the Lister Hospital in London. Rachel has taken our service and research programme forward.

Paula SmithNursing Manager

>Paula Smith - Nursing Manager CARE Sheffield

Paula has been a key member of the nursing team since she joined us in 1994, and has extensive experience in all areas of assisted conception treatment. Paula maintains a special interest in the treatment of poor prognosis patients, looking after the short protocol treatment programme for the Unit. She promotes a nurse led service, and takes an active part in keeping the waiting time down in the Unit.

Accounts Team

Russell Wade.

Administration Team

Debbie Mansfield, Clinic Director; Wendy Deprez; Kath Fuller; Caroline Robinson; Kay Stables; Alison Hawley; Sharron Aylward; Kathryn Charlesworth, Patient Services Manager; Michelle Penfold.

Counselling Team

Jo Smith.

Donation Team

Jodie Mitchell, Donation Nurse; Julie Dickson, Senior Donation Administrator.

Embryology Team

Rachel Smith, Lab Manager; Claire Shearer; Sarah Foley; Cathy Drezet; Claire Barton; Abi Burchill.

Nursing Team

Paula Smith, Nurse Manager; Sarah Webster; Debbie Womersley; Caroline Williams; Kerry Wilson; Tracey Truelove; Maria-Luisa McAlindon; Lucy Smith; Penny West ; Emma Maloney; Connie Tracey; Rebecca Leary; Hannah Watkins Muleba ; Kerry Clarkson.

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Fantastic Pregnancy Results 2013/14

Our latest IVF clinical pregnancy result per embryo transfer using your own eggs for all ages (22 - 44) is 52% for the year ending March 2014. With extended culture to day 4 or 5 this can increase to 64% for all ages (24 - 41)

Becoming a patient at CARE Sheffield - how to self refer

To find out how to arrange an appointment at CARE Sheffield, please visit our referral information page

CARE Fertility referral information

Fantastic Results and NO WAITING LIST for donor eggs

We are currently achieving Clinical results per embryo transfer of 58.1% for patients having treatment with donor eggs. 70% of recipients get to blastocyst transfer and 70% of all recipients have at least 1 embryo frozen. This rate is for the period 1st April 2013 - 31st March 2014. We have NO WAITING LIST for donor eggs, however there is a short preparation period of approximately 3 months during which counselling and monitoring takes place. Call our Donation Team now on 0114 258 9716

CAREmaps withTime Lapse Embryo Imaging

Time lapse analysis of embryos allows our embryologists to observe any development patterns which help select the best embryo for transfer and maximise the chances of a live birth. Please ask for information if you are interested in using this unique incubator

Time Lapse Embryo Imaging in IVF

NHS Patients

We are able to provide NHS funded treatment to patients in the Yorkshire and Humber commissioning area if they meet the Commissioning policy eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria includes assessment of female/male age, female body mass index(BMI) and whether the couple already have a child/children. The number of cycles funded does vary between areas - if you would like further information please ask for details

Fertility Assessment

We can carry out a number of tests designed to give you an assessment of your fertility status.

Fertility Assessment
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