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Selina Wilkinson

Selina Wilkinson - Group Donation Lead

Selina is a trained nurse with more than 15 years’ experience including 2 years as a practising midwife. She joined the Care donation team in 2012 and is now the Group Donation Lead. 

Selina manages the whole donation pathway for people considering donating their eggs or sperm, for patients considering treatment with donor eggs and/or sperm, and for couples commissioning treatment involving surrogacy. 

Navigating the donation treatment options can be daunting but Selina manages a fantastic team who focus solely on donation and are expert in all aspects of treatment involving donation.  

“We are a friendly approachable team dedicated to helping you on what can be a complicated journey. We are also an expert team and can give you the best possible advice. We work closely with our counsellor Ruth Lancaster to help you navigate what can sometimes be a difficult journey and to make sure that you are fully supported and have all the information you need to make the right decisions for you.  The best part of my job is when I am reading a donor’s pen portrait to a recipient and they feel a connection with the donor. When that happens I know I’ve matched the right donor to the right recipient: it’s lovely to be able to help someone find their perfect donor. ” - Selina Wilkinson