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Stacy Hearn

Stacy Hearn Surrogacy Midwife

Stacy Hearn is the Lead Donation practitioner at Care Manchester. Stacy started her Midwifery journey in 2012 following 11 years in the health and fitness industry. She has since provided care for 100’s of families across the North West, working with and caring for families. She has provided care for women who have undergone IVF and ICSI, Surrogates and women carrying donor conceived babies.

The memory that will always stay with Stacy is being in theatre with a surrogate and both intended parents, when their child was born. Emotions were on overload, a perfect moment and Stacy loves nothing more than helping people get to that stage.

“The favourite part of my job is the people I meet and the families I help. The world is full of so many selfless people and I work with these through donation and surrogacy every day. Being there to support families from the start during such an emotive time in their lives really is a privilege.”