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Victoria Rawnsley

Victoria Rawnsley - Nurse Manager - Care Fertility Leeds

Vicki Rawnsley is the Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Care Leeds
Vicki has over 20 years’ experience of infertility nursing. She was trained by Mr Anthony Rutherford and Professor Adam Balen at Leeds Fertility and started there in 1999. She worked within the clinical setting of providing care of infertility patients undertaking training into intrauterine inseminations, ultrasound scanning and was lead research nurse in varies multicentred international research projects.

Vicki advanced her training in infertility nursing by completing her MSC in Advanced Clinical Practice in 2016 and has since advanced her practice in oocyte retrievals, embryo transfers, endometrial biopsies, HyCosi procedures, 3D scanning and non medical prescribing.

Since March 2020, Vicki has been delivering the role of Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Leeds which has seen her responsible for the training and development of the nursing workforce at Leeds and the implementation of nurse led clinical services within Care Leeds.