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40,000 CARE babies born!

40,000 CARE babies have now been born, but what happened behind the scenes to help us reach that milestone? At CARE, your need for family is at the heart of everything we do, and our family – from our embryologists to our enquiry team – work together every day to make that dream a reality.

When you are thinking about having IVF treatment, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right clinic for you. To help, here’s a little about our teams – you’ll likely have contact with all of them at different stages of your treatment.


  1. Our new patient enquiry team

Usually, your first contact with CARE is through our patient enquiry team. Our extremely knowledgeable – and lovely! – team are always manning our phones and replying to emails, answering the questions of anyone who gets in touch.

Get in touch

Our patient enquiry team aim to advise, inform and reassure, taking you though the potential stages of your fertility journey, including helping you take the next step: a free, informal 1-2-1 clinic visit, or booking you into one of our fertility information events.


  1. Your local clinic

CARE Fertility is a family of clinics, all working together to give every patient their very best chance of growing their family. The depth of experience and resources across our clinics is key in our success, but the reassurance, convenience and exceptional support that we provide through dedicated local clinics is just as important.

During fertility treatment, most patients will have to visit their clinic multiple times. As our clinics are spread throughout the UK, patients are able to complete their treatment near to their homes – one of the many reasons thousands have chosen CARE Fertility.

We also wouldn’t have been able to bring 40,000 babies into the world without a few unsung heroes. From Bolton to Bristol, every member of our behind-the-scenes staff have a crucial role to play; whether working on reception, in finance, or are part of our property maintenance team, everyone is dedicated to ensuring your welcoming local clinic exceeds expectations.


  1. Patient Liaison Managers

Our PLMs are your key point of contact at CARE. There to show you our clinics and answer questions, they will offer you every support throughout your fertility journey. At some clinics, you may be given an informal tour by one of our experienced nurses. If you love what you see in our clinics, your PLM can then book you in for an initial consultation.


  1. A CARE sonographer

At CARE, all our clinicians are experts in their field, and our sonographers can use ultrasound scans to produce pictures, videos and even three-dimensional images to then be passed onto our consultants.


  1. Consultants

Our consultants are some of the most skilled and experienced fertility practitioners in the country. Using their extensive experience and CARE’s resources and facilities, our consultant will always take the time to make sure every patient feels completely informed about their options. We offer a huge range of treatments, which helps to give our patients their best chance of achieving a pregnancy


  1. Our research

CARE is the UK’s leading provider of IVF, and much of that is thanks to our ground-breaking research. We’ve been at the forefront of fertility science from the very start, and our research has contributed to numerous fertility breakthroughs, including vitrification (an advanced ‘super-freezing’ technique for cryogenic storage) and PGT-A, where we check embryos for chromosomal abnormalities. All our treatments are designed to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy, and we know our research played a key part in creating those 40,000 CARE babies.

These revolutionary developments would not be possible without the wealth of data with have at CARE. As a family of clinics, we share our knowledge, skills and research, ensuring we are scientific leaders and allowing us to constantly improve all the services we offer at CARE. For example, one of our most exciting breakthroughs, CARE Maps, was only possible thanks to the 500,000 embryo images that our researchers analysed to create a unique computer algorithm, which we now use to monitor an embryo’s entire cell division process from the very moment of fertilisation.

Whatever treatment you choose to have with CARE, you’ll know it’s backed by years of research and data, and chances are you’ll place your trust in our embryologists


  1. Embryologists

Most of our treatments will involve embryologists. Responsible for creating and looking after your embryos, our embryologists carry out this precious work in our state-of-the-art facilities. At this crucial stage in your fertility journey, you’ll be reassured knowing that 40,000 babies have been here before.

CARE is committed to training the very best embryologists, and we built the UK’s first dedicated embryology training lab in our Manchester clinic. That’s not our only embryology first; we were also the first to use time-lapse imaging for embryo observation.

As part of your treatment, you may meet our donation teams  


  1. Our donation teams

Whether someone is thinking of donating, or will need to use donated eggs, sperm or embryos in treatment, they’ll be supported by their clinic’s specialist donation team. Our extremely knowledgeable donation teams can help find donors and surrogates, explain the details of shared motherhood, and will be there for you from your first call.

Many of our 40,000 CARE babies have been born with the help of a donor and, with CARE’s donor egg bank – the largest in the UK – we know that thousands more babies will be born to every kind of family, because family is for everyone.

Once you’ve started your treatment, you’ll see lots of our wonderful nurses


  1. Nurses

Our nurses are the heart of CARE, holding your hand when things are tough, and the first to say congratulations when you get that good news. Some nurses might take scans, some can answer questions about specific procedures, but all of our wonderful nurses will prioritise your care and happiness above everything else.

During your treatment, you may also want to talk with one of our counsellors


  1. Counsellors

There’s always someone to talk to at CARE. The science may have been crucial in creating 40,000 CARE babies, but we know there’s a lot more to growing a family. We believe in comprehensive care for everyone, so all our patients can speak with a counsellor whenever they like, or even talk to a specialist genetic counsellor if there’s something specific they would like to discuss.

There’s also lots of support to be found at our patient support events


  1. Our Patient Support Events

Often organised by Kelly, our dedicated Patient Support Coordinator, we regularly hold Patient Support Events throughout the country. From FertiliTEA groups to information events, patients can get answers from fertility experts, or just have a chat with someone who has been on the same journey.

There’s also lots of information to be found on our online forum, where the CARE family – patients past and present – support each other and share their experiences.


  1. You

40,000 CARE babies would never be possible without patients putting their trust in us. There’s nothing more important than family, so we’re honoured that so many families have chosen us to help them. All of our teams across the country are completely dedicated to helping every patient achieve their dream. Every day, we work together, and with you, to make that happen.

From our family to yours, thank you.

40,000 CARE babies born so far – here’s to 40,000 more.

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