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24/10/2023 - 2 min read

A Guide to Ultrasound at Care Manchester

Care Team

Depending on what type of scan you’re having, we might be trying to identify a potential fertility problem, helping the doctor decide which treatment might be most suitable for you. Or, if you have started treatment, we will scan regularly to keep an eye on progress during your treatment. If all works out as planned, you’ll also be scanned to check the progress of a pregnancy.


It’s likely that most, if not all, of your scans will be Transvaginal (internal).

The majority of women don’t find it uncomfortable. If you’ve survived a smear test this will be a breeze.

In certain circumstances, if an internal scan isn’t suitable for you, an abdominal scan may be done instead, though this isn’t the preferred option as it’s usually less detailed.

Ask as many questions during the scan as you like. We usually talk you through what we’re seeing (try and stop us!), but some findings need a second interpretation by a Consultant, so don’t worry if we don’t answer fully - all will be explained.

Where and How?

In a scan room within the clinic.

We scan on adjustable beds with the foot part folded down. You’ll be asked to lie on your back, your bottom near the edge of the bed with your feet down below on a step.

Your modesty is preserved by a covering sheet, a dimmed light and the fact that you won’t have your feet somewhere up near the Sonographer’s ears.

How long?

Timing depends on the type of scan. Some take as little as 5 minutes, more detailed scans including pregnancy scans might be up to 15 minutes.

What to wear?

Whatever you’re comfortable in that can be removed relatively easily (bottom half). All in one jumpsuits are probably not the best idea.

Sonographer’s Tip: If you wear a dress or skirt you get to stay almost fully dressed which can help you feel less exposed.


A highly trained Sonographer or Nurse Sonographer. Training to full competency takes a minimum of a year to eighteen months and is ongoing afterwards.


Any time in your own cycle for the very first Consultation scan. Once you start treatment you’ll be scanned whenever necessary to monitor your progress.

We can (and often do) scan during your period but don’t be afraid to say if this bothers you.


We have lots of experience, we know that you can feel nervous about this. Please don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to help you feel at ease.