Advice about starting your fertility journey

Beginning your fertility journey can make you feel positive that you’re moving towards your goal, but it can also seem overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions to make, but maybe none as important as choosing the fertility clinic that’s right for you. That first important decision will set you on the right path, as the ideal fertility clinic will reassure, support and advise you every step of your journey, all while providing the best possible fertility treatment.

So, what should you consider when choosing a fertility clinic? We’ve narrowed it down to the five most important factors…


1. Science

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an IVF clinic is the science. Will this clinic provide all the treatments I might need? Does it have the resources and expertise to give me the best chance of success?

You might assume that all fertility clinics offer the same services, but that is rarely the case. At CARE, we offer a huge range of treatments, including IUI, IVF and Genetic Testing, as well as providing in-depth diagnostic tests to help plan your fertility journey. All of our lab work is done by CARE specialist embryologists in state-of-the-art CARE laboratories, including the UK’s only custom-built fertility clinic training facility.

With the largest dedicated team of fertility specialists in the UK, CARE fertility is also a world-leader in research and has been at the forefront of fertility research for decades. Our teams have been instrumental in countless scientific breakthroughs, including pioneering the world’s first human sperm microinjection.

One of our latest innovations is CAREmaps: our unique embryo selection process using cutting-edge time-lapse technology. Only available at CARE clinics, this world-first computer algorithm records and analyses thousands of images of a developing embryo to help our embryologists choose the one with the best chance of growing into a baby.

You can read more about our revolutionary CARE embryoscope technology here.


2. Success rates

Hand-in-hand with the science, it is also crucial to consider success rates when choosing a fertility clinic. You can be reassured that all our clinics consistently achieve success rates that are significantly higher than the national average, and we clearly display our clinic-by-clinic pregnancy results on our website.

With over 50,000 CARE babies born so far, we think our results speak for themselves!


3. Location

Location may not seem like a top priority when choosing a fertility clinic, but there are many reasons why being close to home should not be undervalued. It’s important to remember that you’ll probably be visiting your chosen clinic a number of times as your fertility treatment will involve monitoring. Cut down on stress – choose a nearby clinic.

Thankfully, it’s always easy to access a specialist CARE fertility clinic; with 11 main clinics across England and 1 in Ireland and also 9 satellite clinics you can be sure to receive world-class fertility treatment just a short journey away.


4. Our people

Beginning a fertility journey is a highly personal experience, so it’s essential that your fertility team make you feel reassured and supported.

At CARE, we know it’s our people that make us the UK’s leading IVF provider. Our dedicated doctors, embryologists, nurses and support teams all work together to ensure you get the very best fertility treatment, but also the best support. Your specialist CARE team will be with you every step of the way, using their extensive knowledge and experience to reassure and advise you. You can even talk to one of our dedicated counsellors whenever you like, completely free and available to everyone.

We are proud that 99% of our patients would recommend CARE to family or friends. Rated 5/5 stars on Trustpilot, you know you’re always in expert hands with CARE Fertility.


5. Cost

Cost is often the last thing you want to think about when starting your IVF journey, but it is obviously something which needs to be considered. CARE offers a wide range of funding options, including our IVF Refund Programme – saving at least 1/3 on up to three IVF or ICSI treatments – or our Multi-Cycle Programme, which offers two cycles, cheaper fees, and 100% acceptance rate for under 45s, without a medical review!

Our dedicated CARE team are always happy to sit down and discuss which funding plan is most beneficial to you, so why not contact us now?


How do I start my IVF journey with CARE Fertility?

We make it easy to take that first step towards fertility success.

Our caring and dedicated new patient enquiry team are always happy to answer any questions you may have – give them a call on 0800 564 2270

You could also join us at one of our regular Fertility Information Events, where you can chat to our fertility experts about your experiences and needs.

Contact us today to begin your fertility success story!


Over 30,000 CARE Fertility babies have been born so far with our help.  We hope we can help you too.

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