CARE Buddy - Peer to Peer Support System

Undertaking any form of Fertility treatment can be a daunting process with many people reporting that they feel alone. We understand that throughout your treatment there may be things you would like to talk about with other people going through the fertility process. 

With this in mind, earlier this year CARE launched a new CARE Buddy - Peer to Peer Support system developed and facilitated by Kelly Da Silva, CARE’s Support Coordinator. 



What are the benefits of having a CARE Buddy? 

CARE Buddy is an opportunity for you to both receive and offer support and advice to other CARE patients going through the fertility journey. It offers you: 

  • The opportunity to receive support and comfort that you are not alone in the journey you are undertaking. 
  • A chance to offer your own invaluable support to others based on your own experiences.
  • A safe space in which to alleviate any potential anxieties and worries by sharing your story and hearing other patients’ fertility experiences. 


Who can be involved? 

CARE Buddy is for anyone going through fertility treatment or egg freezing processes, regardless of your personal circumstances, relationship status or stage of your journey. If your partner would also like to find support through our CARE Buddy system, please do get in touch and I will do my best to match you with another partner.


How do I register to ‘Opt in’?

You simply need to register you interest by either emailing our CARE Support Coordinator at:, or by speaking with our reception team or CARE counsellors, who will pass on your details.


How will you be matched with a CARE Buddy?

Once you have registered your interest, you will be asked for some basic information and preferences so we can find you the most suitable match. Our Support Coordinator will carefully select you a CARE Buddy whose stage in the IVF process and circumstances fit your preferences best.


What happens once I have been matched with my CARE Buddy? 

Once you have been suitably matched with a CARE Buddy, you will be given your Buddy’s preferred method of contact and details to enable you to connect with one another outside of the clinic. You are free to make contact in the most convenient way, with many choosing text, messenger or WhatsApp whilst others call or have a meet up.


What do our patients think about CARE Buddy? 

“It’s been a relief to be able to connect with someone else going through the IVF process. I now realise that my feelings are normal and I’m not the only one going through this”


“CARE Buddy has been amazing. Being able to share my feeling and sometimes worries with my Buddy has made me feel much calmer during the journey” 


“Thank you, this alone has made a huge difference to my mindset and confidence through the IVF process” 



To find out more about our CARE Buddy system, please contact our CARE Support Coordinator, Kelly Da Silva, who will happily answer all your questions.


Kelly Da Silva

CARE Support Coordinator


If you would like to talk to others about your fertility experience, you might find it helpful to join us at one of our monthly support events – find details of these here.

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