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Celebrities and Donor Eggs

It seems these days it’s harder to find a celebrity who hasn’t had ‘work done’ than one who has.  It’s seemingly a standard that women (and men) have the smooth forehead and other telltale signs of some ‘work’ being done.  But what is harder is for any of the celebs to actually own up to having had this work.  So what, it’s their choice and their right to privacy?  Yes. Wholeheartedly. But, is it the same when 40 and 50 something celebrities announce they’re pregnant – but don’t state that they used a donor egg?

Food for thought, and an ethical dilemma.  Everyone is entitled to privacy, even those who choose to live their lives in the spotlight.  But with power comes responsibility.  These celebrities are often influencers on how others choose to live their lives.  Can you remember just how many people dyed their hair cherry red after Rihanna was spotted sporting the red look? 

The most recent birth trends report from the HFEA show the only age group with rising birth rates is the over 40s.  So, is the choice for celebrities to leave having children later normalising women having babies in their 40s?  Birth statistics would support this theory but whether celebs, or careers (or something else) is responsible for this trend it’s hard to say. 

With this in mind, we can’t ignore the other key growth area in fertility trends.  The use of donor eggs.  We already know egg quality significantly declines over the age of 36, so is the trend for women to put off having children until their 40s based on a notion that celebrities are OK, so we’ll be fine?

Of course, there’s many different reasons women find themselves having their first child at 40, financial, career, or just personal choice.  In fact, there are so many benefits to having a child at an older age, more financial stability and resources, and the benefit of being older and wiser.  But, do we fully understand in doing so, we’re increasing the chances they may have to use donor eggs in order to do so? 

Time for a bit of transparency.  Celebs, like it or not, are role models. What they do influences everyone – after all that’s their job!  Is it time to be more open about donor eggs or is a individual’s right to privacy paramount?  Whatever the answer is, we think it’s time that all women make sure they support other women, and there's no greater support than becoming an egg donor - because when we do, amazing things happen.

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