Finding the right donor sperm match for you

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Hannah, CARE Fertility’s Central Donor Bank Administrator and my job is to find the right sperm donor match for you.

I’ve worked in the donation programme at CARE Fertility for a number of years. For the last two years, my role has been to develop and manage the Central CARE Donor Bank, and co-ordinate matches for all CARE patients across all our clinics.


What do I do?

When choosing your donor match, you may have some specific characteristics in mind. Whether it is hair or eye colour, complexion, education, athleticism, ethnicity or musicality; my role is to find the perfect match for you.

Once I have your criteria, I filter it through our bank of available donors until a match is found. Then, I’ll contact you with the donor’s characteristics and leave it with you to decide if this is the right match. If you decide to accept, I can then allocate the donor sperm samples to your CARE clinic for use in your treatment. Do not worry if you want to decline the offer, I will continue to search the bank for your donor match. We understand just how important this decision is for you.

You will have 3 months from accepting the offer to use the donor sample in treatment.

Our main priority is to provide safe, quality care. To achieve this, part of my role is to ensure that rigorous donor checks are carried out prior to allocation. These checks include consents for use, pregnancy limits and screening results. All donors for the CARE Bank are screened for a wide range of infectious and genetic diseases.


What does our Bank have to offer and how can you request CARE sperm?

The CARE Donor Bank includes a mixture of UK and US recruited donors. We aim to keep a range of donors in the bank with a variety of ethnicities and characteristics, to help achieve the best possible matches for our CARE Patients.  As an HFEA regulated clinic all our donors undergo rigorous background checks prior to being accepted as a donor.

The journey to receiving a donor match at CARE Fertility is a very straight forward, low cost and stress-free process.

Firstly, you will meet with one of our doctors for a consultation before agreeing that a treatment plan with donor sperm is the right option for you. You’ll then be activated onto our systems so that I can start the matching process. Every day I review the match requests and continue to do so until the best match possible is available to offer. If multiple matches are found you will be given the choice to decide on the donors.

If the match is ‘the one’ for you, then I can advise on the next steps which include the completion of a consent to match form and arrange the allocation to your clinic. Shipping of the samples is free of charge between all CARE Fertility clinics, and I will keep you informed of when to expect the sample at your clinic and what happens next.

It is as easy as that - you do not need to worry about finding your donor, leave that bit to me and just await my call!

I am available every week day to discuss any queries you may have. I can be contacted by email or by telephone on 0115 852 8147.

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