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How to reduce the cost of your IVF treatment and help someone else have a family

Dr Mark Sedler, CARE Fertility Manchester explains egg sharing

CARE’s egg share scheme has always been a popular and really successful treatment programme. For some patients it gives them a real chance of a baby – at the same time helping other people who desperately wish to have a family.  As NHS funding for fertility treatment becomes even more limited, egg sharing can significantly reduce the cost of IVF. There is a constant and growing demand for the use of donor eggs and I believe that will continue.

CARE Manchester has a very active approach in raising awareness of this need for donor eggs through very successful radio advertising, media campaigns and social media. These strategies have always had a great response from women wishing to help others achieve their dream of having children.

“Our altruistic egg donors are so generous, we are truly grateful for everything they do – we couldn’t manage without them.” says Mark.

Any woman who is having IVF and meets the criteria, could share some of her eggs and benefit from a significant reduction in the cost.  To be considered as an egg share donor, you will have a full medical review with one of our CARE consultants. This will include a detailed history, specialised investigations, blood tests and counselling. Patients need to be less than 36 years of age, a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 35, with no significant medical, family or genetic history. 

Our very dedicated and experienced egg donation team play a key role in communicating with donors and recipients, co-ordinating screening tests, appointments and liaising with our medical team. 

Donors and recipients are carefully matched for features including ethnicity, height and weight, complexion as well as eye and hair colour. We always try to offer as close a match as possible.  

Donating eggs requires very careful thought which is why counselling is so important, so the implications and outcomes can be discussed?  Our highly experienced counsellors are here to answer your questions and offer support.

Over many years at CARE Manchester, egg donation and sharing has allowed many couples achieve their dream of having a much wanted and loved child.

For more information, please contact the egg donation team in Manchester or across the CARE group, who will be very happy to talk to you in more detail and advise accordingly.


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