Blog : Manchester Christmas Deep Clean
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Manchester Christmas Deep Clean

It’s well known that an IVF Clinic and especially the laboratory needs to be thoroughly and meticulously cleaned to achieve the very best chance for our patients.  Your embryos require absolutely perfectly clean and calibrated conditions in which to flourish.  Ensuring the very best environment helps us create and continuously enhance our success rates. CARE Fertility Manchester has the best success rates in the North West region. This is a testament to our eye for fine detail.


At CARE Fertility Manchester we thoroughly deep clean and re calibrate our state of the art scientific equipment over the Christmas period.  We employ a specialist cleaning team who use non- toxic tried and tested materials to prepare the laboratory and the clinic.  We also engage the very best scientific maintenance experts to service our advanced laboratory and clinical equipment during this time.


The 2017 deep clean is now complete and I’m pleased to announce that our Manchester clinic and its Laboratory are in tip top condition as always - this enables us to provide the best environment and success rates for our patients in the year ahead. You should expect nothing less! 

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