Sperm Donation for Lesbians



CARE Fertility want to make sure that every single lesbian/couple planning for a family have all the information about options and treatment available to them. CARE has a long history of helping the LGBT community create families and our philosophy is that family is indeed for everyone. We are writing a lot of content in 2017 for our blog and will have regular articles in DIVA magazine and in the DIVA Facebook live event- so stay tuned.

It’s better to have all the facts about your potential options so you can make informed decisions that is right for you as an individual or a same-sex female couple to ensure safety and a wonderful experience for the creation of your family.

Perhaps let’s start here:

Safety Alert! - Free sperm donors on social media

We are certain that we speak for everyone that works in the fertility industry that our hearts sank when reading this article!

CARE Fertility can’t warn enough against the dangers of using sperm donors found on social media, that have not been screened for STI’s and genetic diseases. Not to mention the potential risk meeting unknown donors in person for insemination purposes.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association (HFEA) that regulates all fertility clinics in the UK limits sperm donors, supplied by clinics, to a 10-family rule. This rule is upheld by all clinics working with UK and international donation banks by notifying the HFEA to their register and maintaining complete transparency on this regulation.

Using a donor met online, donating outside of a regulated clinic could mean that your donor has potentially donated past the 10-family rule and will by law be the child's legal father, with all the responsibilities and rights that involves.


Facts about donated sperm

Facts: Choosing a regulated clinic for ivf treatment with donated sperm will ensure the following:

• The sperm will be screened for diseases and quality assessed and reported on - whether the donor is known to you or you wish to use an anonymous sample from a donor sperm bank.
• The 10-family rule is upheld.
• Legal parenthood is discussed and essential HFEA consent forms are signed by you and your partner.
• Appropriate consents are obtained by your donor - also signed and checked by the facility.
• Opportunity to discuss about donor conception and how this may affect you and your family with a qualified fertility counsellor.

CARE Fertility urge all lesbians to consider all the above when thinking about your sperm donor for insemination options. Using healthy sperm should be a priority.

If you would like more information about CARE Fertility and our fertility treatments, please contact the clinic of your choice and talk to a team member or come in for a free 1 to 1 visit.

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