Top 5 questions people ask about IVF

Here at CARE, we understand that you may have a lot of questions before fully deciding to undergo any kind of fertility treatment. Sometimes even the first thought of IVF may leave you with a whole host of questions and queries!


So, to help you through your initial investigations, our Patient Liaison Managers at CARE Nottingham have come up with the top 5 questions frequently asked by their enquiring patients, and their answers to them. We hope this will be a helpful way for you to begin your research into IVF.


  1. I have been trying to conceive naturally for some time and I don’t know where to start?

It all starts with a chat. You can book an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss the tailored treatment options available to you. You will often be provided with a scan, and/or semen analysis, during your initial consultations to determine your primary fertility issues.

Or alternatively, we offer patient information events at the majority of our clinics. These provide you with presentations about CARE, the opportunity to speak to members of our team, and attend free 1-2-1 consultations with our doctors. If this is something you may be interested in, please feel free to visit our events page here or contact your local clinic to book onto our next information event.

When you’re ready, we’d love to help. We will be with you every step of the way to provide the support and information you need to help complete your family.


  1. How much does treatment cost?

Understanding the costs of your IVF and fertility treatment is extremely beneficial in helping you to plan ahead. We tailor our treatment plans to each individual patient, including a breakdown of all estimated costs.

Standard IVF treatment, with medication and associated blood tests, will cost our patients around £4,000-£6,000. But the majority of our clinics have the availability of our CAREpay finance packages which may reduce the cost of your treatment. If you would like to learn more about CAREpay, and the packages that may be available to you, please don’t hesitate to contact your local CARE clinic today on 0800 033 4333.


  1. Do you offer mild/natural IVF?

Yes we do. Our consultants are more than happy to discuss the variety of treatment options provided here at CARE. Natural/mild cycle IVF or ICSI is where one egg is collected from your ovary during your natural menstrual cycle, and only low levels of drugs may be used to stimulate your egg production.

Depending on your personal fertility issues, natural IVF may be a possibility, but we will always advise you undergo the treatment most suited to your personal circumstances.


  1. How long does treatment take?

Once you are healthy and ready for treatment, a standard IVF cycle should take around 4-6 weeks.

However, the length of time a single round of treatment takes will depend on your individual response to the treatment, and the specific plan you are undergoing.


  1. Can I have IVF treatment if I have polycystic ovaries or endometriosis?

If you have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries or endometriosis and are having trouble starting or growing your family, CARE may still be able to help you. We see patients for many different reasons, and it may be that one of these is affecting your ability to conceive.

Polycystic ovaries and endometriosis can be treated by your GP, or a referred specialist, and we would advise that you are treated before beginning your treatment with us.


We hope that this has answered some of your initial IVF questions, but if you have any further queries you wish to speak through with us, please feel free to contact your local CARE clinic today. Our team will be more than happy to help.


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