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CARE Manchester is based close to the city centre of Manchester, however we also work alongside our satellite clinics CARE Bolton and CARE Lancaster to provide an even more convenient service for patients local to these areas.

Below is a list of all available CCGs CARE Manchester are able to provide treatment for.  A preferred referrer is a provider with whom we have a preferential agreement with to provide services.  However, provided the patient qualifies for NHS treatment, and has a good reason to have their treatment with CARE, they are able to have their treatment at any clinic they choose.


Preferred Referrer

Available to refer



Stockport   YES  



Link to Stockport CCG Funding Policy

Manchester    YES    Link to Manchester CCG Funding Policy
Bury  YES      Link to Bury CCG Funding Policy
Bolton     YES    Link to Bolton CCG Funding Policy
Wigan Borough     YES    Link to Wigan Borough CCG Funding Policy
Trafford     YES*


 Link to Trafford CCG Funding Policy


Tameside & Glossop   YES      Link to Tameside & Glossop CCG Funding Policy
Salford   YES      Link to Salford CCG Funding Policy
Oldham     YES     Link to Oldham CCG Funding Policy
Leeds West    YES    
Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale    YES but must refer via CCG first.    


CARE Manchester Success Rates

With some of the leading success rates in the North West CARE Manchester's success rates can be viewed here 

NHS Funding Criteria Manchester Region

The number of cycles offered in the Manchester region does vary between CCGs, and also can change at any moment, so we recommend you check with your CCG if you are unsure as to the current offering for your CCG.  However as a guide funding is based on the below factors.

Definition of Cycle Most Manchester CCGs offer between 1 to 3 fresh cycles and all viable frozen transfers
Age of female Up to 42
Age of male None
Time trying to conceive

<36, 2 or 3 years depending on CCG

36-42, 1 year

Previous children Varies between CCG; some state no previous children from both partners, some state no children from one partner



 Thanks to Fertility Fairness ( for providing some supporting data.