“Although I have been a part of the IVF revolution since 1978, working with the CARE Fertility team and the patients who have sought our help these past 20 years has been a remarkably rewarding and humbling experience. From those early years of desperately wanting to help people struggling with infertility and childlessness, when success rates were so much lower, to developing new technologies, and increasingly understanding the science of infertility, CARE Fertility became the embodiment of what I wanted to achieve on a national scale.

CARE has continued to pioneer and change how IVF is practised, consistently raised the standards and improved success rates. There’s a reason why we use the heart as our 20th Anniversary logo. Since 1997 every member of CARE has put their heart into doing their utmost to help the many thousands of patients who trust us to give them their very best chance of success. This is an endeavour that will never cease – it’s in our DNA! I am proud and honoured to be part of this very special, life-giving organisation”