Celebrating 30,000 babies with love from CARE Fertility


CARE Fertility are very happy to announce that over 30,000 babies have now been born following IVF treatment in our clinics.  Founded in 1997, the CARE group now has a network of successful clinics across the UK.

CARE Founder Prof Simon Fishel said "I am absolutely thrilled that there are so many happy families who started life at CARE.  My entire career has been devoted to treating infertility and believe me there is nothing nicer than seeing a new baby come back to visit us.  It was always our intention to build on the success of our Nottingham clinic and gradually grow our network to improve access to quality treatment.  CARE Fertility has a strong plan for growth as more clinics are coming on stream in 2019.


Everything we do has always been focused on improving the chance of our patients having a much wanted baby.  To reach this astonishing milestone of 30,000 babies is personally very humbling – but we have much more to do and little Harry represents the future as we look forward to new generations of CARE babies."

Here's just a selection of our success stories:

CARE Fertility Birmingham - Abbey Patel

Jane and Bav Patel struggled with recurrent miscarriages before seeking help at CARE Birmingham.  Showing off their best Christmas present ever – their daughter was named Abbey after Dr Abbey Eapen! 

Dr Eapen said: "I am so humbled and thrilled that Jane and Bav decided to name their baby after me. I am so happy that I played a small part in helping them in their stressful journey.  Credit goes to Jane and Bav for their perseverance, and I would like to thank the whole team at CARE Birmingham for their knowledge, skills and excellence in recurrent miscarriage care which helped achieve this fantastic result."

Birmingham Mail story

To see more information about CARE Fertility Birmingham, visit the CARE Fertility Birmingham clinic page.

CARE Fertility London - Freya Flatters

Freya was our 1000th CARE Maps baby. Mum and Dad Belinda and Kenneth from Gloucestershire  had treatment at CARE London in 2014.

Freya will be starting school soon, absolutely loves gymnastics and according to mum “swims like a fish”!

To see more information about CARE Fertility London, visit the CARE Fertility London clinic page.

CARE Fertility Manchester - Bella Potter

Gemma and Simon Potter of Wigan were the first UK family to have a baby using embryoscope time-lapse incubation at CARE.  CARE Manchester were invited to trial the new incubator in a clinical setting.

Bella and her sister Esme often pop in to see the team who helped babysit her as an embryo! 

To see more information about CARE Fertility Manchester, visit the CARE Fertility Manchester clinic page.

CARE Fertility Manchester - Nick and Abbie Davenport

Phil and Joanne Davenport had one child Leigh Anne, now 25 but were struggling to add to their family.  Help came in the form of an exciting new treatment for male infertility – sperm microinjection, pioneered by CARE Fertility Founder, Simon Fishel.  Twins Nick and Abbie, now 19 were the first babies born following treatment at CARE Manchester which opened in 1999.

Abbie said "Our parents really struggled to have us.  We feel really proud that we were one of the first ICSI families."

To see more information about CARE Fertility Manchester,  visit the CARE Fertility Manchester clinic page.

CARE Fertility Northampton - Charlie and Emily Higham

Lisa and Damian from Northamptonshire were struggling to start their family. Tests taken at CARE Northampton identified a chromosome problem – Damian had a C4M2 irregularity – which could have accounted for Lisa’s miscarriages. Lisa also had blood clotting issues requiring treatment.

All this extra help resulted in Charlie who was born in 2013, followed by Emily who arrived two years later! 

To see more information about CARE Fertility Northampton, visit the CARE Fertility Northampton clinic page.

CARE Fertility Northampton - Quinn

Quinn’s mum and mummy Jessica and Charlotte had successful treatment at CARE Northampton following a frozen embryo transfer procedure.

"Our beautiful Quinn was originally a frozen embryo - defrosted by the CARE Northampton Embryologists. Charlotte and I have been together for 13 years. We spent 10 years of our lives going on fabulous holidays and going round the world. We have done all that and now we are in our happy place, and we can do all that with Quinn. We are going to Disneyland for her first birthday."

Northampton Chronicle story

To see more information about CARE Fertility Northampton, visit the CARE Fertility Northampton clinic page.

CARE Fertility Nottingham - Jaycie

Paula and Paul chose CARE Nottingham for their treatment and their embryo’s development was recorded in a unique film – Jaycie’s Journey.  From two cells to toddler Jaycie’s progress can be seen in a 30 second clip above!  Jaycie’s mum still keeps in touch with us and often sends new photographs as Jaycie grows up.

She is 4 now, loves swimming, dancing and singing. Best of all she loves her new dog Chester! 

To see more information about CARE Fertility Nottingham, Visit the CARE Fertility Nottingham clinic page.

CARE Fertility Sheffield - Oscar

Keira & Phillip told their video story to us following successful immune treatment at CARE Sheffield in 2010.  Keira spent months on line, researching new treatments, asking advice on forums and the lovely Oscar is the result.

Oscar loves playing the guitar, and is a keen swimmer.

To see more information about CARE Fertility Sheffield, visit the CARE Fertility Sheffield clinic page.

CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells - William and Thomas Fowler

Louise and David Fowler have been together for 10 years and put their plans for a family on hold when David was diagnosed with cancer.  Louise said "To anyone else in a similar situation to ours, I would say just don’t give up, miracles can happen. You never know what’s around that corner"  Following successful treatment at CARE Tunbridge Wells, twin boys Thomas and William were born.

Mark Wilcox, Group Medical Director added: “We are absolutely delighted for David and Louise. Their journey to have William and Thomas hasn’t been easy – so we were thrilled to be able to help them.

Kent Online story

To see more information about CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells, visit the CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells clinic page.