FAQs - IVF Refund & Pre-Pay Funding Packages

No. Our treatment recommendations do not change. Your treatment plan, which is individually designed for you by your consultant will remain the same whether or not you choose one of the Access Fertility funding packages

The Access Fertility package you choose does not dictate or influence the level of treatment you have, or the care you receive from our team. It is always the same no matter how you decide to fund your treatment.

We know that when people need IVF, funding the cost of their treatment is one of the main considerations for them. The benefit of these packages is that more people will get the opportunity to access treatment at CARE Fertility and our patients will have more flexibility when it comes to choosing how to finance their treatment.

The money you pay for your funding package goes to Access Fertility.  Access Fertility then pay CARE just for your actual treatment. CARE Fertility do not operate the funding packages.

Your consultant will prepare a report for Access Fertility which covers why you are having problems conceiving and your diagnosis. Access Fertility’s medical team will review this report to make decision as to whether you are eligible for your chosen plan.

If your IVF treatment is successful at first try and you have a baby, all fees paid are retained by Access Fertility. You do not receive any money back for IVF cycles you haven’t needed. You cannot reserve any ‘unused’ cycles within your package, for future use to extend your family, if you have a baby after your first attempt.

Access Fertility measures treatment success as a live birth, not just a positive pregnancy test. So if you miscarry or your treatment does not result in a live birth, you are entitled to any treatment cycles remaining in your Access Fertility package.

If you have a live birth any remaining frozen embryos can be used for future attempts but all associated costs must be paid by you.

You will undergo a ‘fresh’ cycle of IVF using your embryos for your first cycle. Any remaining good embryos left from this first cycle are frozen and stored by us. If this first cycle isn’t successful, you will undergo a frozen embryo transfer using the embryos we have stored for you. You can only move onto the next fresh IVF cycle in your package once all frozen embryos have been transferred from your first cycle.

Access Fertility has set the criteria and they decide if you are eligible for your chosen IVF Refund Plan. CARE Fertility do not make the decision whether you are accepted or not.

If you have completed all the treatment cycles included in your plan, and transferred all frozen embryos but have not had a live birth, your refund comes into effect.