Funding the cost of IVF

If you need help funding your treatment, there are lots of options available.  

With our range of funding options, including multi-cycle discounts, egg and sperm sharing schemes, and refund programmes, we can make the costs of funding IVF and other treatments easier to manage – leaving you to focus on your treatment. Contact your local clinic to see which funding options are available.  

Packages with Access Fertility

IVF multi-cycle discount package

If you’re expecting to have more than one cycle of IVF treatment, or are worried that this might be the case, we offer a discount on multiple rounds when they’re paid for together. Our package includes extended culture, CAREmaps, and if needed frozen embryo transfer, which if bought separately would cost over £6,000 per cycle. If bought together in the multi-cycle package, the price is reduced to between £2,895 and £3,550. 

Refund packages with Access Fertility

With our partners at Access Fertility we offer a number of IVF refund packages, including variable refund and two-cycle refund programmes. Put simply, these packages allow you to pay in advance for a certain number of cycles, and if treatment isn’t successful you’ll be entitled to a refund. You can find out more on their website  or by talking to your local clinic. 

Payment options with Access Fertility

Access Fertility offers payment options for its programmes here at CARE Fertility. Find out more about payment plans, including monthly payment options, by contacting Access Fertility on 01865 80 1000 or visiting their website. 


Funding the cost of IVF treatment

Egg sharing

Some women can’t use their own eggs to start or grow their families - but if you’re willing to help and you meet our donation criteria, we can offer a discount on your treatment. If you choose to share your eggs that round of IVF will cost just £1,380 (including a one off cost for Pre-acceptance screening test), saving you roughly £2,265 to £3,670.  And if you’re a patient at CARE London, you’ll receive your round of treatment entirely free of charge. 

Sperm sharing

Similarly to egg sharing, by sharing your sperm you can help others while significantly reducing the costs of your IVF treatment. To share your sperm you just need to meet the same requirements as for sperm donation, and when you’ve given your sample half the sperm will be used in your own treatment, with the remaining sperm being frozen and stored.