IVF Multi-Cycle Programme

The  IVF Multi-Cycle Programme is a ‘pre-pay’ plan which provides a significant discount of up to 1/3 on IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment. With the IVF Multi-Cycle Programme  you get up to two IVF cycles at a significantly reduced cost.

Available to a broad spectrum of patients, this is one of the most accessible IVF funding options available in the UK.

What is the IVF Multi-Cycle programme?

By pre-paying for two rounds of IVF treatment, rather than for individual cycles, the Multi-Cycle Programme can offer you significant discounts of 1/3 the normal cost. The IVF Multi-Cycle Programme is a good option if you are concerned about how much treatment may cost and how many cycles you may need, because of its fixed, discounted fee.

As well as the two cycles and cheaper fees, the IVF Multi-Cycle plan offers unlimited frozen embryo transfers – and there’s a 100% acceptance rate for under 45s, meaning there’s no medical review.

We also offer intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which can significantly improve the quality of sperm, further enhancing the chances of birth.

Who is eligible for the IVF Multi-Cycle programme?

The IVF Multi-Cycle programme has one of the widest availabilities of the Access Fertility plans, as it is available for women aged under 45 years old. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be aged under 45 years old
  • Use your own eggs

No medical review is required.

Where is the IVF Multi-Cycle programme available?

Your nearest CARE Fertility clinic will provide the treatment of the programme. With 15 locations across the UK in major cities, including London, Birmingham and Manchester accessing affordable IVF and ICSI treatment has never been easier.

What are CARE Fertility’s success rates like?

CARE Fertility clinics are consistently among the most successful in the country, with rates determined independently by the HFEA, which is the UK fertility regulator. 

There have been over 40,000 CARE babies born so far, no other UK clinic has had so many successful live births and we really hope we can help you have a baby.

What is included in the IVF Multi-Cycle programme?

Your fee for the IVF Multi-Cycle plan includes everything you would get from standard IVF treatment as well as CAREmaps embryo time-lapse imaging, a technique unique to CARE Fertility, and blastocyst culture. In all, your full treatment will include:

  • Cycle monitoring in treatmentYour appointments, bloodwork, cycle management, follow-up consultations post fresh cycle, the HFEA fee, and necessary ultrasounds.
  • Egg collection
  • IVF laboratoryOur industry-leading laboratories provide embryo preparation for transfer, fertilisation, and culture of the embyros, preparation of sperm, and CAREmaps time-lapse technology, giving you the best IVF treatment available in the UK.
  • CAREmaps time-lapse technology CARE Fertility was the first UK clinic to introduce time lapse imaging, and we developed this in to our own unique embryo selection model - CAREmaps. We now offer CAREmaps, which uses algorithms used only in our labs, to help us select the embryos which are most likely to have a higher chance of a live birth. The normal cost of CAREmaps is £775 but with the Multi-Cycle Programme it is free.
  • Blastocyst culture Blastocyst culture involves extending the normal two or three day lab development of an embryo to five or six days. This is included in your IVF Multi-Cycle fee but would cost between £425–495 without the package. 
  • Embryo transfer
  • Freezing and storage As standard, we provide embryo freezing and storage for one year.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a successful live birth on your first cycle of the IVF Multi-Cycle plan and won’t need the second cycle, you cannot receive any money back from Access Fertility. You also can’t save the spare cycle for later.


If you have a live birth any remaining frozen embryos can be used for future attempts but all associated costs must be paid by you.


Access Fertility measures treatment success as a live birth, not just a positive pregnancy test. So if you miscarry or your treatment does not result in a live birth, you are entitled to any treatment cycles remaining in your Access Fertility package.


You will undergo a ‘fresh’ cycle of IVF using your embryos for your first cycle. Any remaining good embryos left from this first cycle are frozen and stored by us. If this first cycle isn’t successful, you will undergo a frozen embryo transfer using the embryos we have stored for you. You can only move onto the next fresh IVF cycle in your package once all frozen embryos have been transferred from your first cycle.


Looking for a different funding option?

You may be suitable for egg sharing or sperm sharing which can offer significant discounts on your IVF treatment.

We also have several other funding plans we offer through Access Fertility:

Learn more about our funding packages

Find out further information about your funding options by contacting us today. Call 0800 564 2270 to speak to one of our friendly and professional patient  advisers, they’ll be able to talk through your options and answer any questions you have.