Will the woman who received my eggs ever know who I am?

Donations are done anonymously. 


Your identity will not be disclosed to anyone other than our clinic staff and the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA), which is required by law to keep a donor register.

The woman who is receiving your eggs will be given non-identifying information about you. Generally, this will be a general profile of your physical characteristics.


We also ask each of our donors to write a personal description which might include:

  • How they’re described by friends
  • How they’d describe their family
  • An outline of their personality
  • Details of their passions and aspirations


It won’t include any specific information such as names of people, places or schools, addresses or dates of birth; it’s just to help the woman who is receiving your eggs get a little understanding of what her donor is like.


Donors can also write a goodwill message, which is a personal message for any children born from her donation. Egg donors sometimes want to say why they wanted to give someone else the chance to become a parent, or include a message about their hopes for the child for the future.


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