IVF treatment using donor eggs

Donor eggs could be the best way to start or grow your family

If you can't use your own eggs to have a baby,  please don't despair.  You do have the option of using donated eggs with IVF. At CARE, our donors are thoughtful and generous women who want to help other women have a child. We have a range of donors that can help you.

Could IVF with donor eggs be right for me?

There are a number of different reasons why you may need donor eggs.

  • As you get older, the number and quality of your eggs drops.
  • During and after menopause, you stop having periods and producing fertile eggs.
  • Some genetic conditions, like Turner syndrome, mean you have no eggs at all.

In these cases, and if our tests have shown you might not have the number or quality of eggs needed for treatment, you might like to consider using donor eggs. It’s not an easy choice for everyone to make, but we’ll help you and your partner to decide what’s right for you.

What does IVF with donor eggs involve?

IVF using donor eggs is much the same as regular IVF treatment. We collect eggs from your donor and fertilise them, using the sperm of you, your partner, or another donor, and we’ll then monitor the embryos and choose the best to place back in the womb. If you’d like, we can freeze some of the other embryos for future treatment.

You can also choose from different packages.

Exclusive donor package

With our exclusive package you’ll receive all the eggs we collect from your donor, which could mean a greater chance of having extra embryos to freeze after treatment.

Shared donor packages

Our shared donor package is a slightly cheaper option allowing you and another woman to share the eggs of a donor between you.

Egg sharing

Rather than choosing an exclusive donor, you can share the eggs of another woman going through IVF who has chosen to share her eggs.

If you’re considering treatment with donor eggs, choosing your donor is a really important and personal decision - but our dedicated donation team will give you all the help you need.

Your egg donor

You’ll want to know as much as you can about your potential donor, so we make sure our donor profiles are as detailed as possible so that you can choose your best possible match.

We also ask each of our donors to write a personal description, and you can use these to help you decide which donor is right for you. The description might include:

  • How they’re described by friends
  • How they’d describe their family
  • An outline of their personality
  • Details of their passions and aspirations

It won’t include any specific information such as names of people, places or schools, addresses or dates of birth; it’s just to help you to get a feel for who your potential donor is like.

We also ask our donors to write a goodwill message, which is a personal message for any children born from the donation. The donor might want to say why she wanted to give someone else the chance to become a parent, or include some words of wisdom or advice and hopes for the child for the future.

Supporting you

At each of our clinics, the donation teams are there to provide strong support for you throughout your journey with CARE.
Each team is made up of donation specialists including nurses, administrators, and doctors, all of whom are trained to give the best advice together with streamlined care and support.


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