IVF treatment using donor embryos

Using donor embryos could be the best way to start or grow your family.

For some people, treatment with donor embryos may give them a better chance of having a family than using donor sperm or eggs.  

Could IVF with donor embryos be right for me?

If you've already had fertility treatment which has been unsuccessful using your own eggs and sperm then one of our fertility specialists may suggest embryo donation.

If you or your partner have a serious condition that would be inherited by your children you may decide to have treatment with donated embryos. This would mean that there would be no risk of passing it on.

What does IVF with donor embryos involve?

Embryos are donated by couples who have themselves been through IVF treatment and wish their remaining frozen embryos to be used to help another couple. We try as far as possible to match your physical characteristics with those of your donors.

If you feel that this is a service that you could benefit from, please do get in touch with the CARE Donor team.