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IVF treatment using frozen donated eggs

The aim of our egg bank is to give our patients a wide choice of donors with little or no wait. You will be able to select your egg donor online and then have your treatment at one of our world leading clinics.

The benefits of IVF treatment using frozen eggs

What is frozen egg donation?

How successful are IVF treatments with frozen eggs?

Our purpose is to help you achieve your dream

As one of Europe's most successful providers of egg donation treatment, we truly understand our patient's needs and we care about your future family. We are completely aware of what donation means to you and we designed our egg banking and donation programme with you in mind. You'll receive the very best care and comprehensive personalised treatment plans together with choice and flexibility in your treatment.

“Nothing is impossible, and with the right people with you, the dream of becoming parents is achievable.”

David and Jules

CARE Manchester patients

Selecting your egg donor from Care's egg bank

Starting with egg donation at Care