Our donation teams

Our dedicated donation teams will take care of you throughout your journey.  

Whether you’re a prospective donor or a patient thinking about using donated eggs, sperm, or embryos in your treatment, you’ll be put in touch with our donation team as soon as you join our waiting list. 

What is the donation team?

At each of our clinics, our donation teams are there to offer care and support throughout your journey with CARE.

Each team is made up of donation specialists including nurses, administrators, and doctors, all of whom are trained to give streamlined care to anyone who is thinking about having treatment with donor eggs or sperm. Or if you are considering becoming a donor.

How will the donation team help me?

Depending on whether you’re a donor or a patient hoping to receive a donation, our donation team can help you in a number of ways. Most of all, they’ll always be there as a clear port of call, ready to answer any questions you might have.

If you're a donor, they'll look after you throughout the donation process, and if you're considering using donated eggs, sperm or embryos in treatment the team will help you to find the right donor, and take care of you throughout your treatment cycle.   

Our donation co-ordinators

CARE-fertility-manchester-selina-wilkinson-our-teams.jpg Selina Wilkinson
Tel : 0161 249 3066
karen-faulkner-head-of-donation-team_northhampton_363x363.jpg (1) Karen Faulkner
Tel : 01604 608 788
Nicola Haines.jpg Nicola Haines
Tel : 0115 852 8139
julie-dickson-donation-administrator_sheffield_363x363.jpg (1) Julie Dickson
Tel : 0114 250 6061
CARE-Fertility-donation-team-claire-light.jpg Claire Light
Tunbridge Wells
Tel : 01892 614 110