CARE Fertility Grantham

Our satellite IVF clinic in Grantham is partnered with CARE Fertility Nottingham. 

We know that starting a family isn’t always straightforward. And if you do need help to have a baby, expert care and dedicated support are important to you. At CARE Fertility Grantham, we’re here to use all our experience and the most advanced fertility techniques to give you your best chance of having a baby.

Partnered with CARE Fertility Nottingham, our clinic combines the support of an expert local team with the world-leading science of the CARE Fertility Group. We provide a full range of fertility treatments including diagnostic investigations, IVFICSIIVF with donor eggs and surrogacy. Our fantastic team will advise you on the best treatment options for your individual circumstances, guiding you through your fertility journey with the utmost compassion and care.


If you'd like to talk to someone, you can call the clinic directly: 

New patient enquiries:
0800 564 2270

Existing patients:
0115 852 8100

Why choose CARE Grantham

Experienced medical experts

You will have access to care and advice from some of the UK’s most experienced and respected medical experts, ready to guide you through every stage of your treatment.

Convenient location

Our Grantham satellite clinic is conveniently located, with nearby parking and excellent transport links to surrounding areas.

Individually tailored and bespoke treatments

Bespoke and personal treatment programmes are provided to all of our patients; we individually tailor treatments to ensure that you have the highest potential to have a baby.

Dedicated care

We will provide dedicated support, as we do everything we can to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

CARE Fertility Grantham specialties

IVF– CARE Fertility Nottingham deliver the best results in the region for vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments for people of all ages. IVF treatment developments pioneered by CARE Fertility for the last 20 years.

Reproductive genetics– CARE Fertility Nottingham’s reproductive genetics programme is constantly delivering advancements in the field of reproductive medicine. Using pioneering techniques such as Preimplantation Genetic Screening, we can allow you to make more informed choices by identifying the embryos with the best chance of developing into healthy babies.

Male factor infertility– Our medical professionals are experts in male factor infertility and can assist with issues such as low sperm count, abnormal morphology (irregular sperm cell shape), and poor motility (sperm that doesn’t swim or move quickly).

Same-sex couples– CARE Nottingham specialises in treatments to help gay couples start or grow their family, including surrogacy, sperm freezing, and egg freezing.

CAREmaps– CAREmaps is a ground-breaking technique designed by CARE Fertility that provides the most accurate way to select the best embryos without genetic testing. CAREmaps uses time lapse embryo imaging with specific CARE algorithms and can significantly improve live birth rates.

Donation programme– Access eggs or sperm via our donation programme, which is one of the most successful donation schemes in the UK. Our egg and sperm donors are all based in the UK, with all treatments adhering to HFEA regulations.

Recurrent miscarriage or implantation failure screening– Our investigative screening can help identify issues relating to blood clotting, hormones, genetics, and immune system in patients who have experienced recurrent miscarriage or multiple failed treatments.

Helping you to afford your fertility and IVF treatment with CAREpay

We know that when you’re thinking about IVF, funding your treatment is often one of your most important considerations. That’s why we’ve created CAREpay, a range of funding packages specifically designed to support your financial peace of mind during your fertility journey. Find out more about our CAREpay funding packages.

When you're ready to take your next step, we're here. Call our CAREpay enquiry team on 0800 033 4333

Meet some of the CARE Fertility Grantham team

Throughout your journey with CARE Fertility Grantham, our teams of specialists will be with you every step of the way – and they’ll do everything they can to give you your very best chance of success.

Donna Corah, Clinic Director.jpg Donna Corah Clinic Director
shilpi-pandey-consultant-gynaecologist_nottingham_363x363-min.jpg Dr Shilpi
Medical Director
care-fertility-nottingham-abraham-francis-min.jpg Abraham
Deputy Medical Director
care-fertility-nottingham-kanna-jayaprakasan-min.jpg Dr Kanna Jayaprakasan IVF Consultant
150-care-fertility-nottingham-Dr-Krishna-Vatturi-.jpg Dr Krishna
Consultant Gynaecologist
Diana Baranowski, Grantham.jpg Diana Baranowski Fertility Nurse Practitioner
CARE-Fertility-Nottingham-Mary-Smedley.jpg Mary
Nurse Manager
CARE-Fertility-Nottingham-Kathryn-Berrisford.jpg Kathryn Berrisford Lab Manager
Care Grantham Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

We can support the following CCG’s for your area: NHS Lincolnshire CCG, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG, NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG, NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG and NHS Bassetlaw CCG

CARE Fertility Grantham Location

CARE Fertility Grantham
50 East Street,
NG31 6QW

Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday: 8am - 5pm

Tuesday & Thursday - Sunday: Closed