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Our fertility clinic in Manchester has the best IVF success rates in the North West, and in 2016 the clinic underwent a full, £4million refurbishment – making it a world-class, state-of-the-art environment for our patients. It’s close to Manchester city centre and linked with our Bolton satellite fertility clinic, so getting the treatment you need has never been easier. 


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While our fertility clinic in Manchester offers all of our usual personalised treatments, services, and procedures, CARE Manchester specialises in pre-implantation genetic screening, CAREmaps  time-lapse imaging, surrogacy, and our multi-cycle and egg sharing funding options. Alongside this, the clinic also offers KIVISI supervision to our Jewish patients for extra support and sensitivity; you can find out more about this by contacting CARE Manchester directly. 

Our results

At CARE Manchester we are extremely proud of our excellent results. In fact, we have the highest results in the North West.

To see more of our results, visit our results page.

What’s on in Manchester

Exciting times at CARE Manchester

We are building on our success - we have invested £4million in our facilities to give a truly world class clinic.

Success rates

Results are essential in helping you to decide where to have treatment. Here you can see some of CARE Manchester’s IVF success rates and results for other treatments, including clinical pregnancy and live birth results both from patients using their own eggs and those using donor eggs.   

It’s important to remember, though, that the very best way to really understand your chances of successful treatment with CARE Manchester is to talk to one of our consultants. If you’d like to book an appointment, call CARE Manchester using the phone number above or use our contact form. 

Read HFEA’s advice on IVF success rates

Fresh treatment cycles using patient’s own eggs

CARE Fertility live birth rate <35

Source: latest HFEA published results July 2013–June 2014

National average (HFEA published data)

Live birth results

of cycles
birth rate
<35 598 38.6% 33.8%
35–37 303 34.3% 29.8%
38–39 199 22.1% 21.9%
40–42 187 12.8% 13.9%
43–44 35 5.7% 4.9%
>44 17 0.0% 1.2%

Source: latest HFEA published results July 2013–June 2014

More results

To explore our full lists of success rates, including results in different areas and clinics, click here.

Meet some of the Manchester team

Throughout your journey with CARE Manchester, our teams of specialists will be with you every step of the way – and they’ll do everything they can to give you your very best chance of success.

Bloor_Debra,-Clinic-Director_Manchester_363x363.jpg Debra Bloor Clinic Director
Atkinson_Glenn,-Medical-Director_Manchester_363x363.jpg Glenn Atkinson MRCOG Medical Director
Lowe_Phillip,-Deputy-Medical-Director_Manchester_363x363.jpg Philip Lowe B.Sc. (Hons) MB.,Ch.B FRCOG Deputy Medical Director
Joy_Jolly-Consultant-Gynaecologist.jpg Jolly Joy Consultant Gynaecologist
Sedler_Mark,-Consultant-Gynaecologist_363x363_Nottingham.jpg Mark Sedler Consultant Gynaecologist
Montgomery_Sue,-Lab-Manager_Manchester_363x363.jpg Sue Montgomery Lab Manager
Lytollis_Alison,-Nurse-Manager_Manchester_363x363.jpg Alison Lytollis Nurse Manager
Milligan_Amanda,-Patient-Liaison-Manager_Manchester_363x363.jpg Amanda Milligan Patient Liaison Manager
Barker_Lauren-Patient-Liaison-Manager_Manchester_363x363.jpg Lauren Barker Patient Liaison Manager
Easton_Julie-Egg-donation_Manchester_363x363.jpg Julie Easton Egg Donation
Taylor_Jill-Receptionist_Manchester_363x363.jpg Jill Taylor Receptionist

Funding options

At our fertility and IVF clinic in Manchester you can have treatment using many different funding options , and the clinic also takes referrals from GPs for treatment on the NHS. Currently, CARE Manchester is available for referral from Trafford, Bury, Salford, Stockport Tameside and Glossop clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), but you can also make an individual funding request to other North West CCGs.  

These are the funding options currently available at CARE Manchester:

  • Egg sharing
  • Sperm sharing
  • Multi-cycle discount


CARE Fertility



108 - 112 Daisy Bank Road
Victoria Park
M14 5QH


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There is parking available on site

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Waiting time

Although time varies between clinics we aim to see you for your first consultation within 1–2 weeks.


Current waiting time for Manchester:
6 weeks *Updated every two weeks