Zita West at CARE fertility

Preparing for and going through fertility treatment can be an exciting but stressful experience, and you are likely to feel a range of emotions before, during and after treatment. It’s important to take care of your mental, emotional and physical state during this sensitive time.

Looking after your Mind, Body and Spirit

You can now access the most important elements of the Zita West unique Mind/Body approach to preparing for IVF as an optional addition to your treatment plan at CARE Fertility in Birmingham and Manchester.  Available later in the year at other CARE fertility clinics.

The Zita West team  will work with you to enhance your potential for success with the right physical, emotional and psychological preparation and support. 

The preparatory sessions are quick and easy to do in advance of your treatment and can be arranged individually or as a package. It’s entirely up to you. 

The 3 main elements available at CARE Fertility are:

  • Zita West Nutrition & Diet Planning for IVF
  • Zita West Positive Mind Prep for IVF
  • Zita West Acupuncture for IVF

 Zita West is one of the UK's best-selling authors and an expert on everything to do with preparing for IVF.

Zita West Nutrition & Diet for Successful IVF

We’re great believers in the importance of having the right nutrition to get eggs and sperm into the best possible shape for IVF, and research carried out in recent years supports this.

During your 60 minute live video consultation (90 minutes if you’d like our Couples option) a Zita West therapist will check your nutritional status and tailor an individual dietary plan for you, Your therapist will highlight the things you need to focus on, through diet and supplements, to produce a positive impact on your eggs and/or sperm. Each individual or partner will be given their own guidance on what to eat and what not to eat plus suggestions for meals and recipes.  Your guidance will take into account general factors such as age, weight and fitness as well as specific factors, if relevant, such as ovarian reserve, sperm health, possible immune issues or recurrent miscarriage or implantation failure. 

The recommendations are designed to be easy to follow and the food enjoyable to eat. It’s not a nutritional boot-camp!

You’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to complete and return prior to the consultation and general information sheets and guides afterwards.

Individual sessions are by live video link and last 60 minutes. Cost £99.50. For couples the live video link sessions will last 90 minutes and cost £149. Booking is easy and sessions can be arranged through the Zita West team on 020 7224 0017.

Zita West Positive Mind Prep for Successful IVF

Stress is widely accepted as having a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant. Anything you can do to reduce it and to build a positive and optimistic mindset is likely to help. Generally, people want to feel in control of the IVF process but can often feel the opposite. Our unique mind management coaching for the female partner provides an easy to use but powerful tool-kit to be able to direct your thoughts and emotions positively on a daily basis. Positive mind-management is used by top business people and elite athletes to enhance their performance and we believe it can make a real difference to the chances of getting pregnant too.

Live 60 minute video sessions cost £99.50 and can be arranged through the Zita West team on 020 724 0017


Acupuncture for IVF with a Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist

Thousands of women and men have had positive experiences of acupuncture as a support to IVF. It can be used to help to improve blood circulation to the ovaries and the uterus and to support sperm health as well as help to counteract stress. Research suggests that it may have a particularly beneficial role to play for women when used immediately before and after embryo transfer.

Zita West affiliated acupuncturists are specialists in acupuncture for fertility and have been trained by the Zita West team in our overall approach and specific treatment protocols for use alongside IVF. 

Sessions last 40 minutes, cost £42 and can be provided at any Zita West affiliate's practice close to where you live. There are lots of affiliated acupuncturists for you to choose from. Your CARE Fertility nurse or reception team will be able to provide details. 

Holistic Review for IVF success with ZITA WEST

If you’d like to have an all-round holistic review with Zita on how to improve your chances of IVF success, she’s available for live video consultation.  Zita will also be available at selected times for consultations in person at CARE Birmingham and Manchester.

Sessions are 45 minutes and cost £145 and can be booked through your CARE Fertility team or by clicking on the Book a Consultation box below

… and remember 

accept that not every day is going to be a good day, and that’s ok, concentrate on the things you can control and let go of the things you can’t. We’ll do everything we can to keep you positive and focused on a successful outcome - a healthy pregnancy! 

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