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Same sex couple holding hands with Pride flag

LGBTQIA+ paths to parenthood

In today’s ever-evolving world, the paths to parenthood for the LGBTQIA+ community have become more diverse and empowering than ever before. We believe that family is for everyone, regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation or gender. From same-sex couples to transgender and non-binary individuals, we’re proud to offer personalised treatment plans to make dreams of family a reality. 

When it comes to building a family, understanding what fertility options are available is key. Over the years, the LGBTQIA+ community has witnessed incredible progress when it comes to fertility options. Thanks to advancements in reproductive technology, individuals and couples from all sexual orientations and gender identities now have a range of empowering paths to parenthood. Whether it’s same sex male couples exploring the possibilities of IVF & Surrogacy, same-sex female couples considering IVF using donor sperm or transgender and non-binary people considering fertility preservation prior to commencing hormone therapy or surgery, the journey to parenthood has become more accessible than ever before.