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Image of DNA structure

Careunity: identifying a cause of miscarriage (and other pregnancy complications)

Over 10 years ago, Care became interested in the discovery of a new gene mutation that could cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. That gene mutation could also cause placenta-mediated pregnancy complications (also known as ‘PMPC’), such as ‘small for dates babies’, pregnancy-induced hypertension, venous thromboembolism or preeclampsia. The DNA coding for this particular gene, known as ‘Annexin A5’, has 58,000 DNA bases, but when only 4 of the bases are different to what they should be (a mutation, or ‘variant’) then this causes problems with blood clotting mechanisms. The gene is found on chromosome number 4; and this variant is known as the ‘M2’ variant, so we called our original work on this ‘C4M2’.

How does the CAREunity test work?


How do I get the Careunity test?

To find out more about Careunity, PGT-A testing, or to ask any questions you may have, call our enquiry team on 0800 564 2270.