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Answering your fertility questions

If you are thinking about your fertility or fertility treatment, we understand that you’ll have lots of questions.

At CARE, we believe that it is essential for all fertility patients to feel completely comfortable and confident with their treatment. A key part of this is making sure you are fully informed about every aspect of your treatment. Wherever you are on your fertility journey, find answers to our patients’ most commonly asked questions below, or if you can’t find the answer to your question, you can ask one of our world-leading fertility experts. Of course, you can also always contact your local CARE clinic for advice from your dedicated local team.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you will have questions about your treatment, from general queries about trying to conceive to what to expect at your first consultation or specifics about the most complex fertility complications. Find answers from our highly experienced doctors, embryologists, nurses and support teams in our Frequently Asked Fertility Questions.

Fertility treatment and coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently asked questions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted how we work to help keep all our patients and staff safe. To learn all about our adapted methods and what to expect from fertility treatment during this confusing time, browse our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

Ask our experts

Our doctors and scientists are amongst some of the most experienced fertility practitioners in the world, and you can ask our leading experts your questions directly. Professor Charles Kingsland, our Group Clinical Director and one of the UK’s most experienced fertility consultants, can give expert advice on your fertility and your treatment options. Charles is always happy to answer your questions!

Our blogs

Our blog is filled with in-depth information, advice and support from all of our fertility teams, as well as guest blogs from some of our patients, and world-renowned fertility experts.

Advice about starting your fertility journey

Professor Charles Kingsland, Group Clinical Director of CARE Fertility, explains the top five factors to consider when choosing a fertility clinic.

Can nutrition really impact IVF outcomes?

Dr Gillian Lockwood, Medical Director of CARE Fertility Tamworth, looks at the research behind nutrition and IVF success rates.

Zita West's 7 top tips for boosting fertility

Fertility and conception expert Zita West, Founder of the Zita West Clinic, gives her top tips for improving your fertility at home.

What makes a good embryo?

Alison Campbell, our Director of Embryology, answers patients’ most common questions about what makes a good embryo, including common factors that affect embryo quality and how they are assessed.

IVF Information Events

Though we have unfortunately had to postpone our in-clinic group Patient Information Events due to COVID-19, we are regularly holding online fertility information events – find out more about our upcoming information events, as well as a selection of our past events, here. You can find all our past online information events on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Some of our recent online information events:
How to prepare for fertility treatment

Professor Charles Kingsland, CARE’s Group Clinical Director, and Zita West, fertility expert and Founder of the Zita West Clinic, chat about everything you can do to give yourself the best chance of IVF success in this live Instagram Q&A.

The best embryos for IVF success

How do we create and select the best embryos for IVF? We know that patients have lots of questions about how their precious embryos, so CARE Chester’s Medical Director, Dr Victoria Sephton, and the Laboratory Director of CARE Chester and CARE Liverpool, Dr Amy Barrie, were Live to answer your questions, covering embryo grading, embryo selection, tips for successful implantation and much more!

Charles Chats Fertility: All about sperm!

Up to 50% of difficulties conceiving are male-factor related, but with infertility often being seen as only a concern for women in the past, many men aren’t aware about how sperm can impact the chances of having a baby. So, Professor Charles Kingsland, our Group Clinical Director, is back to answer your questions, this time all about sperm! In this Live Q&A, Charles chatted about the different conditions that can affect sperm, how you can improve your sperm quality and quantity at home, the tests used to diagnose problems with sperm, and the laboratory techniques we can use to help you have a baby.

If you'd like to learn more about your fertility options and how we can help you, call our lovely and very knowledgeable new patient enquiry team on 0800 564 2270 or find out more ways to get in touch.