Supporting your partner

There are some simple ways to help when your partner’s having treatment. 

It can be difficult to watch your partner going through treatment, but there’s a lot you can do to share in their journey. By understanding their experiences, taking the time to listen, and keeping them relaxed and reassured, you can support them every step of the way.   

Supporting your partner through treatment

Understanding their treatment

To fully understand what your partner is going through, you might like to learn more about their treatment. We have lots of information online and can provide you with leaflets and other literature at your local clinic. You’re also welcome to come with your partner to appointments or join them at support counselling sessions.

Also, it’s important to remember that fertility treatments can sometimes be emotionally draining, and as a result they might need a little more patience and understanding from you than usual. Try your best to stay open and talk as much as possible.


If your partner’s having to make some lifestyle changes as part of their treatment, whether that’s stopping smoking, reducing their caffeine intake, or drinking less alcohol, you can help them by joining in any changes they make. By making these small changes together, your partner might find it easier to get used to. 

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Online networks

Guiding a partner through treatment can be difficult, but lots of our other patients are going through similar experiences. You might find it helpful to talk to other patients on our online bulletin boards or on popular forums like Fertility Friends

Support counselling

You and your partner might have different ways of dealing with treatment – but there’s no right way of coping. Support counselling can help you both to talk through the way you’re feeling in a safe, confidential place, and our specially trained counsellors will encourage you to be open with one another. Many of our patients find that, by sharing their experiences and feelings, they feel closer and more able to deal with whatever they might face on their journey.