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Sperm freezing & sperm storage

Sperm freezing allows men to preserve their fertility until you are ready to start or grow your family. Here we detail the reasons and process and why you would consider freezing your sperm.

Why you should freeze and store your sperm

You should freeze your sperm to conserve it in case of infertility or if you want to donate to someone else. Here are some of the most common reasons why people freeze their sperm:

  • You are about to undergo vasectomy.
  • Before medical treatments such as chemotherapy which may affect fertility and sperm quality. Men choose to freeze their sperm prior to starting treatment.
  • You are a sperm donor.
  • You have a medical condition that may result in infertility later in life.
  • If you have difficulty producing a sample of the day of treatment, and you and your partner are undergoing IVF.
  • You have a low sperm count, and you may or may not be undergoing ICSI treatment.
  • During a surgical sperm recovery. If you are having a recovery treatment, we will aim to freeze some sperm for you.
  • You are working or travelling abroad and or might be at risk of contracting an infection that could affect your sperm.

The Process of Sperm Freezing

How successful is sperm freezing?

What are the risks of sperm freezing?

How long can sperm be stored for?

What happens if I don't use my frozen sperm?