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sperm swimming towards an egg to fertilise

IUI treatment

When you are having Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), we place specially prepared sperm directly into the womb at the time when eggs are being released.

What is IUI?

Is IUI right for me?

What is the IUI treatment process?

While the risks of IUI are incredibly low, there is still a chance of the following:

  • Infection following the procedure.
  • Spotting. Inserting the catheter can cause a small amount of vaginal bleeding, but this rarely impacts the chances of pregnancy.
  • Multiple pregnancies, when performed with ovulation-inducing medication.

  • IUI is a good option for single women and same sex couples who don't have fertility issues but need donor sperm.
  • IUI is the lowest-cost form of assisted reproduction treatment.
  • There is no egg collection involved in IUI, meaning that there is no invasive procedure, and sedation is not required.
  • Incredibly safe, with very low risks involved.
  • Mostly painless procedure

Success with IUI

IUI vs IVF - Considerations and comparisons

Cost of IUI

The below prices do not include drugs, the estimated drugs costs in a medicated or stimulated cycle are:

50% of our patients pay less than £40 for their drugs in an IUI cycle

For the remaining 50%, the typical cost of medication is £375, which includes rare situations where a patient requires medication costing up to £771. The type of cycle we recommend for you will depend on your medical history and the results of tests carried out as part of your pre-treatment planning.

IUI with partner sperm
IUI with donor sperm
HFEA fee - only applicable if using donated sperm

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