What to do when you think you might need IVF

We're running a Facebook Live event 'What to do when you think you might need IVF' on the 15th August 2019 at 6.30pm.

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Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. 1 in 7 people can have trouble conceiving naturally. There are many different factors that could affect your fertility. Even if you are not currently trying for a baby you may be wondering, or have concerns about your fertility health.


Around 30% of infertility is related to female factors, around 30% to male, 20% combined female and male and 20% unexplained. The good news is that with the advancements in fertility treatment in recent years, we can help most people to have a baby.

There are also fertile people who pursue IVF for other reasons e.g. same-sex couples, single women, those carrying a genetic disease and those creating a saviour sibling.


Science is an incredible thing and there are many different fertility treatments available to address all types of infertility issues. And they are all available at CARE Fertility.


Join us at our Facebook Live event and get the answers to any questions or concerns you might have about your fertility.


CARE Fertility will be hosting the Facebook Live event on the 15th August.

We'll be streaming from 6.30pm with of the UK's most respected fertility professionals, Professor Charles Kingsland.




To find our more about Professor Kingsland read his bio, or for fertility advice read his blogs.