Egg donation helps women who are unable to use their own eggs to have a baby

At CARE Fertility it's all about you - whether you're a donor or a recipient. Our donation teams are always focused on your needs.

Our Donation programme … using donor eggs or sperm?

At CARE we understand that deciding to use a donor to help you start or grow your family might seem daunting. There’s lots to consider, but using a donor to create a family can be a positive step forward and we have helped thousands of people have their family this way.
We have dedicated, experienced donor co-ordinators at all of our clinics who will take each step with you.
Whether you need to use donor eggs or donor sperm for your treatment, you can be reassured that our donation team and clinical and nursing teams will do their very best to support you. Our donation programme has a great reputation for recruiting and carefully matching donors to recipient’s requirements – while keeping waiting times to an absolute minimum.
We work very closely with our recipients and spend time getting to know them. Getting the best donor match means so much - we take great care with this most important aspect of your treatment.

Donating your eggs or sperm

Our donors are absolutely amazing, they are generous, kind and literally transform lives by donating eggs or sperm. Some of our couples can only have a family with the help of a donor – it might be the only chance they have. Our single and same-sex patients rely on our donor programme to find just the right match and trust that our screening and counselling of donors is paramount.
If you are the kind of person who likes to help others, donating eggs or sperm is a rewarding experience – we know because our donors tell us!
Deciding to become a donor is the first step to helping someone have their family. However, we appreciate you will have lots of questions and need to find out more before you go ahead. CARE nursing and donation teams are on hand at all times to support and advise you.
Our lovely donors have helped so many families happen – we couldn’t manage without you.

What should I do next?

If you would like to find out more, our donor co-ordinators are here to help.  To arrange an appointment you can self – refer by using our contact form.