IVF and surrogacy for gay men

Start your family with CARE Fertility. 

We will advise all our male couples on the optimal fertility options and each CARE clinic has a dedicated surrogacy and donation team to support you, your partner and your surrogate on your incredible journey to create your family.

Chris and Les' story

CARE treatment options

If you’re a gay couple interested in fertility/surrogacy treatment, there are a few things we might suggest:

Using an egg donor

Whether you have already found your egg donor or need help with where to start your selection process for an anonymous donor. CARE clinics have dedicated egg donation teams to ensure you and your partner are guided and supported in finding a match that meets your requirements. This will all be discussed in your initial consultation with your clinic of choice.

Finding a surrogate

You will need a surrogate to carry the embryo and pregnancy to term. CARE clinics have dedicated surrogacy coordinators to guide you through this process. You and your partner may have already found your surrogate, in this case please contact the clinic of your choice so we can start you on your journey with a Skype consultation and then progress with treatment when the government eases social distancing. If you have not found your surrogate yet, we’ll direct you to a non-profit surrogacy agencies in the UK that we know have helped many of our gay male couples in the past. You can create your embryos with CARE whilst you are looking for your surrogate. Please watch our webinar below which answers your questions on the surrogacy process in the UK. Find out more about using a surrogate with CARE here.

IVF for gay couples

When we’ve matched you with an egg donor you’ll then be able to start IVF treatment and create your embryos. You can find out more about IVF here. The clinical teams will assist you with information about the creation of your embryos. If you are still waiting on finding a surrogate we will create your embryos and have them available for when you're ready to start treatment which is the most popular pathway.

Next steps

Talk to your CARE team

If you think you might be interested in one of our treatments, or if you’d like to talk to someone at CARE about your options, there are lots of ways to get started:

You can do all of the above through our contact form or by calling your closest CARE clinic

Find out all you need to know about surrogacy

CARE Fertility have partnered with Gay Times and Surrogacy UK to host a webinar about surrogacy. Find out all you need to know!

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