Individual treatment plans

Every patient is different. 

We know that every patient that comes to us has individual needs. That’s why, when you have treatment with CARE, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan based on your medical history, test results, and other factors. 

Delivering the best patient care

At CARE we always use a case-by-case approach. To develop your treatment plan we’ll closely review your medical history and any existing test results, suggesting further tests in more complex cases to ensure we get a complete picture of your health and fertility.

Individual IVF treatment plans

Then, we can use all the information we have to propose the right treatments for you. We offer a huge range of treatments and additional procedures including IUI, IVF, and ICSI as well as pioneering genetic techniques, which allow us to check for genetic illnesses and conditions, or examine embryos on a genetic level to decide which are best for transfer.

We’ll also always give you honest advice. If we think your test results suggest you’re likely to need to use donor eggs or sperm, for example, we’ll make sure you’re completely aware of your options – but it’ll always be up to you to decide what’s right for you. And if things don’t seem to be working, we’ll talk you through all your possible next steps.

Ultimately, our teams are hugely passionate about helping you to start or grow your family, and will do everything they can to find an approach to treatment that will give you the very best chance of success.

To find out more about what we do, take a look at our quick guide to IVF or explore our fertility treatment section 

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